Friday, July 20, 2012

On your Marx

It has been very difficult to avoid making cynical comments about the Olympic Games, and falling in with the expectation to be negative about what could be a great sporting event. However, the title "Olympic Games" should not be confused with the games that were conducted every four years some time ago, where athletic prowess was recognised and applauded. 

The greatest damage done to the Olympian ideal was not the various forms of cheating, principally narcotic related, but by the complete dominance of the corporate sector, in some of its ugliest forms. Usain Bolt's records will never be beaten, because by the next Olympic Games, there will be an enforced half-way break in track events, where the competitors have to consume the produce of the sponsors and sing the McDonald's national anthem.

The London games would be much more of a spectacle if we could be guaranteed not to see the festering corporeal mass of Bozza sticking his gnarled proboscis in at every opportunity.

This little essay gives some idea of just how rancid this obscene circus has become.

I have made reference to what I would like to see as an opening ceremony elsewhere. For the closing ceremony, can I suggest that arsewit Coe should be seen putting on some trainers (adidas, of course) and then set off running, with instructions to keep running in a straight line, and not stop. 


Richard said...

Adblock. It is in my head.

Zig said...

I do agree and the senseless opposing to any small business and indeed the general public to use the rings symbol or indeed speak those hallowed words Olympic games beggars belief. On a serious note though, how else would the infrastructure have been afforded without corporate sponsorship? Boris et al obviously sold too many consessions but should the beleaguered tax payer have footed the bill? I only ask, I don't know the answer!

Joanne said...

It cannot be changed but I wonder if someday the spectacle may become so topheavey it really does implode. It came close the last time.

Clairious Miss said...

It's all pretty gross now.

Z said...

What they said (not feeling very fluent this evening and anyway they said it first and better).

Pearl said...

Just so long as there's an Olympian "Happy Meal" at the end of it.

And medals for everyone.

We're All Winners,