Friday, September 05, 2014

Visitor receives the honorary title of Uffar Gwirion

The children smiled politely, but were certainly not going to pull his finger.

Slimy Dave wonders if he can get away with smacking the foreign-looking kid while Bazza is distracted.

Bazza takes some time out to visit the special needs pupil.

In response to the question, Bazza points out on the map exactly "where the fuck" he is from.

"Tell me if you think you are going to get away with this shit"

Having spent several hours in the company of what can only be described as an utter twat, Bazza delights in some mature conversation.

Slimy Dave proudly boasts of his budgetary restructuring, moving money from school meals to supporting local businesses. "A hungry kid is a motivated kid" he explains. Angela wonders whether to drink her water or pour it over the daft bastard. 


Katy Anders said...

He DOES look a lot happier and more comfortable with the kids than with the so-called grown-ups.

But his picture... Does he have riding off into the sunset on his mind?

Liz said...


Why would anybody bother with sites like The Poke when they can come here.

auban said...

I'm not sure that providing School Meals is a good thing to do with a drop in the ocean. I remember having to be forced to eat the disgusting canteen fare (overcooked, bad-smelling, chewy, and un-nutritious)that was offered free (in the good ol' days of the 1950s). The food was at least as poor quality as the 'education'. I would have gladly eaten a sensible packed lunch (made by my mother who was herself a schoolteacher) - but for some reason that was not an option.

I can say with some pride that I have never eaten the Food of the Normals except under protest - not even in prison, where (even in Belfast's old Crumlin Road panopticon) vegetarianism is respected as a human right, as it was not respected by the vinegar+salt+sugar+fat slop-providers at school