Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diplomatic triumph

David was shocked to find such poor living standards.
He was strident in his claims that no such shoddy establishments existed in the UK, and would check with Fortnum's whether they would deliver to Asia.

Vince had swapped his glass with Gove's, just in case

David laughed, when he realised that the translator had made a mistake.
He didn't know much about botany but did know that 
there was no way that this was a "big pansy".

Dave knew that if Sarkozy said "pass the salt" again, he would leap over the table and strangle the fucker.


Dave said...

Who are all these people?

english inukshuk said...

thank you - very enlightening

next I look forward to your updating us on the progress of the G8

erm, I'm sure I mean G20

or perhaps it should be G1 (that'll be China)(which is presumably why our grovelling sycophantic politicians decided to pop over there and remind them of our almost insignicant presence)

Christopher said...

Not certain that Sarkozy has that much English...

Christopher said...

...however I do send him translations of K. Kronicles regularly. I firmly believe this helps to shape his world view for the better. Consequently you may find appointment as Chevalier of the Légion d'Honneur (2ème classe) coming your way. While the full formal regalia includes a medal on a ribbon, for everyday streetwear - if you ever go out - you would need do no more than sport a discreet dark red ribbon in your buttonhole.

I've finished now.

brokenbiro said...

I'm pleased to report that Wirral has done it's bit to woo* China by sending The Scaffold (2 of which members are Wirralians) to perform at Shanghai Expo. They have now ordered 3 zillion gallons of Medicinal Compound.

* Tu Woo - famous Chinese diplomat?

WV - 'windi'... and it certainly is!

arwriter said...

my favorite is the last one.

Keith said...

Tell me, I've always wanted to know, are you and Scary Duck both mad? And do you share the same cell at the "Upper-Grimsdale Home for the Bewildered"?

I'm sure I've seen you in there, but Matron wont confirm whether or not you are an inmate. If you are, please contact me. I'm in room 56, next to the Electric Shock Therapy room.

P.S. Who is Sarkozy? Which room is he in?

Adam said...

This reminds me to remind you that any Christmas cards should be sent to my NC address this year.