Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Rest in peace

My very clever friends at Science Daily (much too frequent in my view) report that they have found bones under a floor in Bulgaria that may belong to John the Baptist.

They do not mention who or what he was baptising under a floor in Bulgaria, but that is not the only flaw (geddit?) in their preposterous argument. They say that the bones are from the period in which he would have lived.  According to calculations there were about a hundred and fifty million living at that time, so quite how they have narrowed down the odds to it being Johnny the water fetishist we are left to speculate.

This is the problem that I found myself faced with. I am firmly on the side of the fence of those who are fairly convinced that evolution is a proven fact. I don’t really care too much about it, but have no problem in accepting evidence as evidence. On this side of the fence live most of the scientific community. There are large proportions of the scientific community who decry the views of those who believe that God created the earth about 6000 years ago. They view these people as silly or deluded. They are entitled to that view, but hardly enhance their reputation or credentials by conjecturing as to the identity of some poor bastard having a quiet kip near the Black Sea, and saying that there is a chance that these may be the remains of someone, let alone someone whose existence is in question.

In short, which side of this pointless argument contains the larger proportion of silly buggers?

Now, if these people were really smart they would do a DNA comparison to determine the identity of JtB. I can help them here. I have in my loft the incisors of his brother Eric, and somewhere in the vicinity a tupperware container holding the pickled spleen of his dear old gran.


Pearl said...


I LOLled.

Whilst fresh out any of the Baptist family DNA, I do have a piece of the True Cross I can sell ya, cheap-ish.


Z said...

However unlikely the suggestion sounds, they did cover themselves with that weasel word 'may." I suppose the skeleton had been decapitated at any rate? That would cut (geddit?) the odds a bit I suppose.

Vicus Scurra said...

Pearl! Shh!! John is trying to get some rest.

Z. Alas, I did not enquire how many or which bones were recovered. I think that the gentleman, whoever he is, is entitled to some privacy.

Katy Anders said...

They find the remains of Noah's Ark every few weeks.

Last week, it was the chariots from Moses' parting of the red Sea.

I'm still waiting on Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother's house.

Vicus Scurra said...

Katy! Welcome. I can let you have Frederick the Great's Ipad for $300.

Liz said...

The problem with reports like this is that the word 'may' gets overlooked by the more gullible members of the population and this time next week this information will be hailed as an actual fact.

If the BBC News doesn't stop telling me what 'could' or 'may' happen, I could or may throw the television out of the window.

Vicus Scurra said...

Liz. Don't take on so.

Anonymous said...

150,000,000 million living, christ could you really call that living ?? They didn't even have toilet papaer , or very closely related , Fox news or Ruppy Murdock