Sunday, June 03, 2012

Just in case that, like me, you missed all this shit

As an early morning treat, Liz was cheered up by looking at some really old dudes.

The first really feeble assassination attempt of the day.

Mick wonders how many more fucking boats he has got to look at, and whether anyone would notice if he slapped the really annoying tart clapping in his ear.

Sophie gets very excited, as she spots the Queen. Shortly after this photograph was taken, Mick had to be dragged off of her throat, as she asked for the third time who was in the boat.

Liz did not feel inclined to embrace Cammie's imprecation to "look at the tits on that".

Charles is visibly tense as he prepares for the musical chairs final.

Charles wasn't entirely sure what it was, but was still fairly sure that there wasn't any "dozy tart" on the table.

As had been feared, Fergie gatecrashed yet another event.


Tim Footman said...

Is this where I insert some insane bullshit about "well, would you prefer President Tony Blair or something?" then jump into the Thames clad only in a thin coating of Coronation chicken? Well, that.

Splendid work as ever, sir. I'm starting to think we should let the royals live but guillotine all the arse-kissers instead. Barlow and Titchmarsh at the top of the list.

Z said...

I thought it all showed an innocent charm and happiness that would be quite difficult to satirise, but well done, Vicus. I'm with Tim, but I didn't see any arse-kissers yesterday.

Rol said...

Where else could I expect to find the word "imprecation" used in the same sentence as "look at the tits on that"?

Liz said...

Love it!

Roses said...

I was busy wandering around Norwich, drinking coffee, playing with my houseplants and then annoying my son and his friends in the evening.

So I had a really lovely weekend thanks.

broken biro said...

Thank you

MJ said...

I'm still fuming that our national broadcaster CUT the Grace Jones performance when they packaged the concert for us here in The Colonies.

Zig said...

I was inspired by a photograph you once posted, showing your very good self with 2 friends, that had in the background, bunting. Ever since then I have been mad keen to bedeck chez moi with bunting and indeed recently found the time to make some. Surprisingly and somewhat sadly, everyone else seems to have had the same idea. Your readership must be massive, and it seems extends even as far up north as London!

Vicus Scurra said...

Tim. For something so trivial I was getting genuinely annoyed for once (I didn't like the feeling much). I cannot believe the behaviour.

Z. innocent charm and happiness is just a reflection of you, my dear. I could not bear to watch it.

Rol. I appear to be number one on Google for that combination, so look no further.

Liz. I bet you do.

Roses. I am genuinely pleased.

BB. You are welcome, and thank you.

MJ I am tempted to research to see if Grace Jones was really there. I have no idea what depths of putridity were reached.

Zig. I am a trend setter, what can I say?