Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stop press

Can I ask you all to get in touch with your compassion and spare a thought for poor dear Brian Leveson. Prayers, if you are of that disposition might be appropriate. I do not know what the man has done to be punished so severely.

For many months he has had to listen to the outpourings of some of the most odious, criminal and slimy sectors of society day after day, with only the occasional comic interlude. 

He has barely had time to wash the odour of Blair out of his clothes before he is sent back into the fray to deal with Gove and May.

I shall endeavour to find some suitably nourishing vegan snacks to send to him in the hope that he can struggle through. 


Scarlet Blue said...

I'm not sure about the nourishing snacks... but I will put a bottle of whiskey in his food hamper.

Vicus Scurra said...

Do not encourage inebriation, Scarlet, he needs his wits about him to fend off evil.

lx said...

Can you recommend something to remove cat scratches from leather furniture? I tried something called Leather CPR and that didn't work at all!

Christopher said...

You could try Clause β in the forthcoming Leveson report.

Zig said...

Indeed it's a trial, what he really needs is a gun, that should sort it and save the tax payer the cost of continuing with this charade and parade of liars.
That wasn't funny at all ... Sorry.