Thursday, January 20, 2005

Tonight's television

I have to recommend to those who have missed it, the excellent series "Judge John Deed". It is written by GFNewman, probably the best tv dramatist ever. I wish that his series "Law and Order" was available to buy.
That I can enjoy it is made difficult by the smarmy git, Martin Shaw, in the lead role. He is as smug as a very smug thing, and would benefit from a good slapping.
Also starring is Jenny Seagrove, a woman who once, apparently, had a sexual relationship with Michael Winner. Just writing those last few words made my stomach turn over. It is a very disturbing image, and detracts from her performance as an actress. I am not in the habit of reading those publications that detail the private lives of such people, but confess to being curious to the extent that I am compelled to ask the question "What the fuck was she thinking of?"
Mr Newman's works are characterised by the absence of any protagonist with any sense of morality. The character of Deed is a departure from this trend. I suppose that casting such an oily git as Mr Shaw in the role compensates for this.
I would welcome suggestions for casting that is even less appropriate (I suspect that Martin Shaw has some good qualities, and my suggestion about slapping is not to be taken literally).
Jeremy Beadle as Martin Luther King.
Jean-Claude Van Damme in a remake of Gandhi.
Barbra Streisand as Sylvia Pankhurst.


Boggins said...

A la Mrs Merton: "so Jenny, what was it that first attracted you to pug-ugly millionaire film-maker Michael Winner?"
Calm down dear, and welcome back.
Charles Bronson IS The Vicar Of Dibley.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you Boggins, for helping me start my day with a laugh.