Sunday, October 09, 2005

VS - advisor to the people.

I am indebted to the lovely Melissa (and how many men say that in an average week), who has taken time off from ministering to Boris Johnson, to inform me that I have, yet again, made the national press.
Once more, my views form the foundations of the whole position of News International in its ponderings on the future of Conservatism.
Atticus, in the Sunday Times, has this to say:
For the most erudite discussion of the Tory leadership, turn to the website of Tory MP and classics scholar Boris Johnson, where one contributor not only refers to the new boy wonder of the Conservative party as Boccaccio’s D Cameron but claims Rifkind is a Tamil word that means “virile vanquisher of the ungodly”.
For the online link (I don't know how long these are maintained),,2088-1817288_2,00.html
And the thread on Bozza's site (still no pictures of Melissa).


Dyna Girl said...

Autograph, please?

Mark Gamon said...

Autograph? I insist on at least a signed copy of the relevant newspaper. I need someone to replace Alister Cooke in my life. Turns out it's you, Vicus...

Simon Holledge said...

There is a picture, maybe two, of Melissa on the site.

There's one of her with a snowman in Slovenia, if I remember correctly.