Sunday, November 06, 2005

Another cheap and tasteless dig at the expense of Morons Reunited

Laura is not sure whether the finger up her butt belongs to Charles or Camilla. George just hopes that whoever is squeezing his testicles washes their hands before lunch. Posted by Picasa


Simon Holledge said...

Forensics here.

Report: XMF, EXIF, IPTC etc all removed but the AFP mark is still showing in the bottom right.

I've sent the invoice. Hope that's OK. Keep it up!

Mark Gamon said...

I've been away a bit but even a bit of blog absence doesn't even go halfway towards explaining Simon's comment (above).


Vicus Scurra said...

Either he is referring to the fact that the photograph bears the name of the agency from which I pinched it, or an AFP mark is an "Anal Finger Penetration" mark, which remains on the back of the victims underwear.
hnfzd - involuntary oral ejaculation caused by the insertion of royal finger in one's posterior.

Adam said...

Well Vicus, as we say over at, "An unsolicited finger in the anus while crude, is not criminal." I can get you another link (other than these two) if you are truly interested in the topic of UFIAs.

I can't help you with Simon's list of acronyms, but I'm suprised that UFIA was not among them.

fpawjmc- Much more complicated/disgusting version of a UFIA.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you for the educational update, Adam. You may not have 'done' Europe in your history or geography studies yet, but Sofia, Bulgaria, is the source of the acronym "SOlicited Finger In Anus", hence the phrase "I'll be bulgarred."

justajob said...

It doesn't look like the UFIA was an UUFIA.

Mark Gamon said...

For a minute there I thought you were all talking about UEFA. And therefore who most likely to win the Champions League. Then I read the comments a little more carefully. Wrong sport.