Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Public service announcement

This is warning of an inspection that I will be carrying out at random in the coming weeks.
I am sure that you are all very familiar with my friend Scaryduck.

I have to tell you that that is not his real name.

He has published his book. I have read it. It is excellent. And I know that you have all bought a copy as well, haven't you?

If I arrive at your house and do not find a copy, I shall be very cross.

In case you have overlooked the purchase, you can buy it here.

When I read his book I 'lol' ed quite a lot, although I am glad that I did not have to take part in the episodes that were described. He seems to say "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAARCH!" quite a lot. It is not condusive to polite conversation.

I have a signed copy. If you ask nicely, he may sign yours as well.


MJ said...

Vicus lol'ed?


Dave said...

I'm waiting for it to appear in my local bookseller (oxfam), from where I purchase all my reading material.

Richard said...

Did you done a ROFFLE as well? I'll save you the bother as I don't have it yet.

zoe said...

how much did that duck pay you for this post, eh ? and did you ROTFLMFAO aswell ?

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave. It will never appear in Oxfam, as no one who owns one will ever give it away. Buy one now while stocks last.
MJ, Richard, Zoe. No, roffling is too much exercise for me. I have, on occasions, roffled. I like a good laugh. Zoe. You seem to be jealous. And no, there was no lmao or lmfao involved - the council would not dispose of that much organic material in the bins that they provide.

ziggi said...

IDKWYATA and fish paste I think

Betty said...

So Scary Duck is really Alastair Campbell. Why would you want to read The Alastair Campbell Diaries unless you want to ROFIAFOR (roll on the floor in a fit of rage)?

homo escapeons said...

Is there a Canadian translation in the works?

Will you be reviewing the Potter thingamabob as well? Personally I was very surprised that Rowling ended the series by having Harry arrested for breaking into the Louvre, murdering a Professor and telling Sporty Spice that she is a direct descendent of Barbara Woodhouse!

Anonymous said...

But will you sign my stomach???

Reg Pither said...


I realise Halley's Comet isn't due in sight for another 54 years but what are the chances of you posting again in the meantime? Each time I hit your link the screen clouds over with mould and cobwebs!

I, like the view said...

*waves from France*

(the manual sort, not the wet kind*)

as soon as I get home to Blighty I will purhcase said book upon instruction and recommendation

lol, ILTV

(that was lots of love, BTW)

*I put that in so someone could make a crude joke at my expense (but I see Richard has already commented on this post. . .)

Pamela said...

I'll put it on my christmas list for Santa.

Dave said...

Mr Pither said it some days ago. If you hadn't commented on my blog yesterday, in your usual erudite way, I'd have been contemplating reading the obituaries column again.