Monday, November 10, 2008

Y'all need to help me out.

Look. (Does that sound like Blair?) The previous post is as upbeat as I am likely to get. The picture of Mountaine makes me smile. I guess if you don't know him - Adam, you must know him, he lives in your state - the effect is not going to be so noticeable.

I need to write about something other than the recent election in the USA. It does not do me any good to go and look at Obama's new website - which, incidentally and ironically, is the phrase I expect many of us will be using over the next couple of years in order to keep the wolf from the door - and have to restrain myself from adding to the comments section.

So, please, tell me what I should write about next. Remember, I am incredibly bigoted and ill-informed about most subjects, so it should not be too difficult for you to find something.

I could write answers to the people who came here courtesy of Theodore and Evadne Google, but aside from the perverts, and the twat who keeps enquiry about "interesting things that happened in November" - nothing, you twat - the only one remotely interesting was asking about "How to turn down an invitation to an Indian Wedding". Well, that's easy - you don't have to. Just don't turn up. They are all exactly the same, and there are thousands of people there, so you won't be missed, unless it is your own wedding, when the chances of your absence being noticed are reduced to about 1 in 5. I very seldom go, and have no intention of going to another one unless there is something very special about it. I've been to the weddings of my 3 lovely nieces - I chose to go. At the last one there was some very lovely Indian dance entertainment in the evening. So I have been told. I went out with a pizza instead, I can't name the fellow absentees because I don't want to get Anish and Ravi into trouble. Nobody noticed. If this answer does not satisfy you, then the best I can do is to tell you how to avoid being invited to the next one.


zoe said...

There was an election in the US of A? When? Did Kennedy get elected? I knew he would - I just did. Just like I know my christmas card list.

I, like the view said...

I decline to comment, for fear it will get me into

I'll go no further

(word ver cadavre)

MJ said...

Do you ever tire of being a sex symbol?

Mr Coppens said...

I have a few questions so take your pick..

>How tall was Jesus?
>Do all Conservatives have a Cloaca?
>Was Rik Coppens really Belgium's best footballer?
>Why do Female Hyenas have a fake penis?
>Has anyone ever been luckier than Ringo?
>Are there still Dinosaurs at the Centre of the Earth, and if so, why would they need to build Jurassic Park?

Dave said...

I went out with a pizza once. It was a relationship doomed to end in tears.

tom909 said...

Vicus, I think you should write a short discourse on the futility of trying to change the balance of duality.

Vicus Scurra said...

I will endeavour to address these important issues in a new post later today. That is not a promise, so don't be too disappointed.

Rol said...

I think you should write more about your love of small pink bunny rabbits. We can't ever read enough about that.