Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sesquipedalian circumlocution

I mentioned in my previous diatribe the “controversy” surrounding the decision of a BNP politician to invite his hideous boyfriend, Nick Griffin, to Buckingham palace.

I see, courtesy of the BBC, that one of Boris’s underlings has written to said politician thus:

"While elected representatives may and do attend, the event is a social occasion hosted by Her Majesty and it is inappropriate to exploit this privilege for party political purposes. …. However, in the light of the views expressed by the mayor and chair of the assembly, reinforced at yesterday's assembly meeting, I am writing to say that the authority may need to review its position in relation to your nomination unless you revisit the selection of your guest with a view to avoiding further controversy and desist from any further publicity."

I doubt whether Boris could comprehend that, let alone a knuckle-dragging Hitlerite. I would have phrased it in a manner that the recipient could understand. Perhaps: “Stop hanging out with this cunt”.

As I mentioned on facebook, I have posted the following notice on my front door:

Political campaigners

Please put your literature directly into the recycling bin, thereby cutting out the middle man.

If, albeit unlikely in these parts, you are from the BNP, please put your literature in the recycling bin, and follow it by shooting yourself and recycling your putrid corpse.

This led to Adam instigating some sordid innuendo, which I am sure will not occur over here.


Dave said...

I will certainly not ask any questions about your position on any matters.

KAZ said...

'Knuckle-dragging Hitlerite'
Wonderful. When I next have a reasoned political debate I shall definitely use that one..

Lin said...

As usual, you are my newsy link to the UK. I do so like to keep up to date on some things political so I can have political type chats with my Mum's neighbo(u)rs since her Eastbourne set so often seem just so out of the loop.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the simple language portion of this post. I finally can understand.

Richard said...

Oh, you have so given me an idea, thank you. I may not have to kill one after all. I love you (in a very respectful and unemotional way, obviously).

Donn Coppens said...


Quit sugar coating your opinions..
c'mon now, how do you really feel about it?

I, Like The View said...

so much more eloquent than "no junk mail"

I hope your recycling bin is close at hand

Richard said...

This is quite strange. Viewing your blog appears to transport one through a slight nick in the space-time continuum thingy. Your sidebar update list is stuck on yesterday and I have already been there.

tom909 said...

Right on Vicus. I'd love to get a camcorder and actually film the twats putting their crap into your bin. It would probably be worth setting that up and putting it on youtube.
By the way, I just did my postal vote. I had seventeen to choose from. I'm guessing it's quite cheap to stand for Europe.

Adam said...

"Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more!"