Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quite Easily Done

The bad news from the BBC is that the proportion of seven year olds reaching the "expected standard" in maths is falling.
The good news is that in 30 years time there will be no one around capable of working that out, so the fall will be halted.


Dave said...

Nor will anyone be able to write a report about it either, given standards of literacy.

Mind you, no-one will be able to read a report anyway. Unless it's written in txt spk. LOL.

Anonymous said...

And people like Ziggi (and myself) may be out of work.

Word verification is somet. An indication that somet is wrong?

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave. They won't be able to read the report anyway, because no one will be able to write it. ROFL.
MIT - no worries, there are no people like you and Ziggi.

I, Like The View said...

great! my word ver is "logarhythmic"

isn't it strange how primary schools are churning out children who cannot read, write or undertake basic mathematics. . .

. . .and six forms are producing "A"-level students who are achieving higher and higher grades

Morton Shadow said...

"Nor will anyone be able to write a report about it either, given standards of literacy."

Alright, Alright Dave - blue pencil a couple of my thai-poes [sic]and all of a sudden your [sic]the Chief Skools [sic] Insector [sic] for Ingerland [sic] and Whales.....[sic]

(*Must* stop reading those Amis diearies...boloxing bggriees! DIARIES!!)


w.v. : wityporr. Exactly!

Vicus Scurra said...

ILTV. You are on to something there. Maybe we should skip primary school and everyone go straight to secondary school at the age of 4.
Morton. Dave actually made a couple of comments both with typos and deleted them. I am only able to snitch on him because my original post here said something like "the number failing to reach the standard is falling". Fortunately I changed it before anyone noticed, so the world will never know. There must be a name for this pedant's law - "whenever you post something vaguely smartarse you are bound to make an error".

Donn said...

2 air iz hewmun
2 furgiv deevyn

Donn said...

I for one will be delighted to have expired when these nincompoops are steering the ship.

Personally I blame political correctness and allowing both lower and upper class twats to participate in elections...bastards!

I will miss you Vicus.
As soon as Ireland's new blasphemy law is legislated it will sweep the UK like a wild fire and you will be apprehended by some mortificating Albino and led through the streets for the great unwashed to express their displeasure at your pattern of rude behaviour and untoward comments concerning a certain Mr. Ratzenheimer of his city is also a country

You hurt their feelings and there will be hell to pay! See you in purgatory you insensitive brute!

Rog said...

I can help with the name .... it's Muphry's Law

I hope this halps.

Morton Shadow said...

..."mortificating Albino"

Don't like the sound of that. I speak from personal experience after all, having been well and truly mortified some time ago...


Yes, that pednats lwa is lick the ksis of daeth, ins't it Viscus? Whneever your tring too dmeonstarte presleycise who edurite your are, it awlays gos copmetely tsit up, dsoen't it? Bloolsocks!


w.v.: finglot - yes, and that goes for the finglot of you too...


Vicus Scurra said...

Will you people please stop making me laugh. I have an image to maintain.

Robynn's Ravings said...

I'm quite sure I don't belong here among you witty men but I can't help myself. Thank you for the giggles. I was a quart low.

Vicus Scurra said...

Robynn, I know that you are new here. When you have been here for a time you will come to realise just how low the qualifications for participation are.

I, Like The View said...

so my PhD is wasted here too?