Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I wish it had been Thatcher.

Today I am saddened, more than I expected to be, by the death of Michael Foot.

I am also angered, if not surprised, by the snide and unkind "tributes" paid to him. I expect nothing more of the Murdoch press, but cannot believe how ignorant the BBC is. Of the broadcast soundbites, only Ken Livingstone has had anything admirable to say. The ill-informed opinions of the lickspittle tory holders of office in the current Labour party are as vacuous as everything else they have to say. I have not read anything in the Mail or the Express, any more than I would examine the contents of the local sewer.

For those of you young enough never to have heard of socialism (and the rest of you as well) can I recommend you spend five minutes reading a fitting obituary in Tribune.

As a demonstration of irony, at a time when I am remembering a man who put fairness, tolerance and peace at the centre of his beliefs and practices, I shall be deleting dissenting comments.


Richard said...

I must admit, I'd forgotten about his friendship with Beaverbrook. Somehow can't see the current Express proprietor making much of this.

dinahmow said...

I never place much value on obit blather from politicians.Few are genuine.
I met Mr. Foot one day on the street in Hampstead.He was old and stooped and myopic, but still with a great presence.
Not something I could ever say of Mr. Blair.

Geoff said...

Some twat on the telly was going on about how Michael paved the way for the modern Labour Party.

If he paved the way they took a sledgehammer to it.

I don't wish Thatcher had died today because I'm in a right mood and would have put a brick through the telly at the first sight of her hagiography.

KAZ said...

As a young teen I had a pic of Michael Foot pinned next to Elvis and The Beatles on the bedroom wall.
What a life.

Adam said...

The headline reminded my of this gem from The Onion:

(Sorry, I'm too lazy to make it into a proper link today)

Arabella said...

Thanks for the link - a good read. Finally.

Any friend of Hazlitt....etc.

Adam said...

Even though I didn't know about him before, this is quite sad. Mr. Foot was a living leg end.

OK, so I didn't come up with that one on my own:

I'll try and read the article you linked to when I get the chance, but I don't know if it can really be read in the five minutes you suggested. It appears to be at least twelve inches long.

Rog said...

I was surprised to learn that Michael Foot was still going strong. If he'd become PM for five years one can only wonder what sort of Country we'd have become.

ian said...

Michael Foot paved the way for modern Labour? To the contrary, like Bevan and unlike modern Labour, Michael Foot consistently put principle ahead of the expediency required to win and retain office.
He epitomised the man who, as the poet Belloc put it, "kept his word as none but he could keep it, and as did not we.
"And round him as he kept his word
"Today's diseased and faithless herd,
"A moment loud, a moment strong,
"But foul forever, rolled along."

Dave said...

He never did me any harm.

Christopher said...

He was a good man, scion of a remarkable family. He stood for nothing mean. Whatever anyone thinks of his politics and the practicability of implementing them, the style of his leadership, his mode of speaking, he was a very likeable man of principle. De mortuis nil nisi bonum.

Richard said...

He was also the oldest registered player in the football league. Plymouth Argyle (he was a lifelong supporter and attendee) registered him as a player with the league and gave him a shirt for his 90th birthday - with the proviso that he had to stay out on the left wing.

Clippy Mat said...

RIP Michael Foot.
Thatcher is a sad old lady now. I used to dislike her; we left the UK because of her government but I only pity her now.
ooh I must be mellowing in me owld age.

moreidlethoughts said...

just realised - when I met the Great Man he was probably only the age I am now. So - NOT old.
And another thing, he was courteous beyond measure.

donn w2Nz said...

So where are the strong?
And who are the trusted?
And where is the harmony?
Sweet harmony.
'Cause each time I feel it slippin' away,
just makes me wanna cry.

What's so funny 'bout peace love and understanding

I, Like The View said...

hear hear

UberGrumpy said...

He was pretty ugly though.

I'm just saying.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Americans always have something to say so, there you have it.

MarkG said...

I didn't read any obituaries but I was appalled by the television coverage, most of which went on far too much about what a failure he was as Labour leader.

Not in my book, mate. Foot was the only party leader I ever supported unequivocally. I read the manifesto that year, and there wasn't I single policy that didn't make sense. They'd probably still make sense today.

Just because Murdoch leads the electorate by the knackers doesn't mean Foot was a failure. A great man.