Sunday, June 13, 2010

Modern Times

Liz preferred to celebrate her official birthday with a low-key ride through the locality.

Once again, Philip managed to struggle free from his gag, and was soon regaling passers by with his views on immigration, capital punishment and shirt-lifters

Bill tried very hard to screen the more graphic images of the day.

Once again, Charles only came seventh in the "Spot the odd one out" competition.

The family gathered to witness the "shoot a pauper out of a cannon" event.

"Fuck me, she's made a run for it again!"

Some could hardly contain their excitement.

Mike tried to scare Liz by dressing up as her granddad and calling her a silly bugger.

Colonel Siddons was expecting the George Cross, but decided not to make a fuss when he got a copy of "Corgi breeding for beginners" instead.

This year it fell to a Mrs Hampton from Yeovil to perform the "goose the monarch" ceremony.

Liz never tired of hearing the "six foot cock" joke.

Mr Faversham had always realised that exclaiming "Hey, George, what's this?" had been a major error.

"They'll never spot us amongst this lot".

Liz was looking forward to the article posted by her loyal subject, Mr Scurra, on his internet diary, which would form the basis of the definitive historical archive.


Christopher said...

...nor would she fail to appreciate the subtle compliment of using royal purple for the captions...

Anonymous said...

The loyal subjects in this outpost of Empire will raise their glasses tomorrow.I'll probably do some more work in the garden,read interesting blogs,clean the toilets...I hope HM is impressed.

tom909 said...

I can't believe they let it clash with the France v Nigeria game - I was in turmoil.
And I do hope she gets to read this report of the event.

Dave said...

When is your official birthday? I can't wait to read Liz's write-up of the day.

arwriter said...

i remember i lived in singapore and watched charles and diana's wedding on t.v. the kiss on the balcony made my mother swoon. so strange to see william grown up and on the left while camilla and charles are on the right.

Rol said...

I'm surprised the restraining order doesn't prevent you from getting close enough to take those photos.

Rog said...

I used to be an anti-royalist until I started reading your columns. I'm coming round to them now.

Tim Footman said...

I remember when William started getting pubes, all the redtops began talking about his film-star looks, and how he'd got his mother's charisma and he could have stepped out of a Richard Curtis movie etc etc.

As he approaches 30, he resembles his father's sister, but slightly balder.

I, Like The View said...

this event completely passed me by - thank you for the wonderful coverage and informative captions

Vicus Scurra said...

Christopher. Her perspicacity is almost equal to yours.
MIT. HM has asked me to pass on her regards, and to convey exactly how impressed she is with your efforts.
Tom. Sooner or later you will come to recognise that inhabiting the adult world inevitably creates hard to resolve conflicts.
Dave. I am too humble to have an official birthday, and too old to have any other sort.
Anna. She should have seen the pictures when he kissed her on the verandah. Missus.
Rol. You are misinformed. The burden of removing unwanted photographs is entirely mine. You would not believe what some so-called humourists produce.
Rog. There is no need to thank me.
Tim. Ann has been bald ever since the age of 11, due to excess equestrian exercise. She wears a wig always. Only the moustache is real.
ILTV. It passed you by? Where you in the Mall, or Horse Guards Parade? I can't see you in any of the photographs.

Donn said...

As expected every loyal subject here in the Colonies desisted from hewing wood and tanning their beavers in order to appreciate the enormity of this glorious occasion.

Office Glen of Toronto won the Swamp Donkey Race and the Mounties in high spirits whiled away the hours tasing suspected G8 protestors.

For she's a jolly good fellow..

Richard said...

I particularly enjoyed Prince Michael of Kent's Jake the Peg impression.