Monday, August 22, 2005

Bum, willy, knockers

Don’t all look at once, but there is a little flag in the top right hand corner (your right), I SAID “DON’T ALL LOOK AT ONCE!”, which purports to be for the use of those wishing to report ‘objectionable content’ to this Blogger chap.
The words bolt, stable door and horse come to mind.


Lin said...

Has that flag always been there cos if it has, I would have reported you a long time ago. (snort)

Vicus Scurra said...

Pity there isn't a flag for objectionable comments. Snort elsewhere, please madam. Come over here, marry our men, think that gives them the right of free speech.

Mrs T of North Island said...

Don't come over here (there) Lin, you could end up marrying Vicus. There is only one woman brave enough for that. We all send her our love and support.

Who put that there? If it's not you Vicki it's an outrage, I mean you're a bit of a git and a Know-All but REALLY...

"Alice" said...

Hmmm, thanks for visiting me V.S. (I think). Has anybody told you that you're kinda of sexy in a very odd way with that fly-away hair and those black specs?

And hey! I did come over, married one of your men. He tries on a regular basis to shut me up too. ;)

Lin said...

I'm definitely too old for Vicus although I will keep my eyes open for him. I know just the woman who could keep him on his toes. Is he man enough?

Vicus Scurra said...

Excuse me, if I could interject here to interrupt this attempt to take over this website by a haggle of busybodies.
Let me make this clear:
1) I am not available for matrimonial, sexual or perverse relationships. Mrs S would not like it, and I suspect that I would like it even less.
2) I am old, fat, ugly, less than sensible and my genetic pool contains more than its fair share of ginger hair, baldness and speech impediments.
3) I am too busy fighting off the likes of that bloody Michelle Pfeiffer and that bloody Emma Freud to have to deal with you lot.
4) I see no advantage in being kept 'on my toes'. Flat on my back with a remote control, the occasional meal and the minimum conversation is my preferred position - see Kama Snoozer chapter 8.

You may now carry on with your disparaging and hurtful remarks.

Boggins said...

It was probably Clement Freud.

broomhilda said...

Burn that bloody flag!

I find everything about this site objectionable...that's why I visit here!