Friday, February 24, 2006


According to the BBC:

“Three UK ex-servicemen have been given compensation after they were given LSD without their consent in the 1950s.
The men volunteered to be "guinea pigs"”.

I would just like to assure my readers (AMToNW) that if, as a result of ingesting hallucinogens, you perceive yourself transmogrifying into a rodent, then you are in possession of some ‘bad acid’. Fortunately, these symptoms are rare, (although my friend Dave was once attacked by the Incredible Hulk on a dark day in 1971).

If you choose the time and environment carefully, an LSD trip is a deeply meaningful experience which will expand your consciousness and turn you into a fine upstanding member of society. It may, however, have some unpleasant long term effects, such as being so deluded as to think that what you write is amusing and of interest to others.


Mark Gamon said...


Tennessee Jed said...

So that is what is wrong with me.

Richard Seamon said...

I have never taken acid but I gather the effect is not unlike watching Adam's page load for six hours.

tom909 said...

The last time I took lsd was on a campsite in Tehran. It was strictly westerners only and the year was 1971. I was travelling with my girlfriend who later became my first wife.
I remember it was a particularly strong trip and for many hours my wife appeared to have snakes crawling all over her. Ah, how the old acid never lied!

Kat said...

Dear Vicus,

I take it as a sign from a vector from somewhere that I came directly to your comment, "clarification" from a webpage interview with a psychologist turned mystic from the 60's who shall remain nameless. Upon being asked about taking LSD for enlightenment, he stated, "I think everyone should do it!" Thank you for the clarification. In other words, "pigwyno" might also be a good last word on the subject, as your comment box asked me to fill in before posting. Precisely.


Vicus Scurra said...

Hi Kat.
Not sure that I followed all of that.
Please note that one of the practices here, and on other similarly obtuse blogs, is to provide a definition of the verification word, should the whim take you.
Adam is getting to be very good at it, and may soon be able to tie his own shoe laces.

Kat said...

Dear Vicus,

I just found it very ironic to have come from a site espousing the use of LSD to your comments about taking LSD not making one any more interesting, and then having to write the word, which, if I were to pronounce it, would be "pig wino". I took it to be one of life's little ironies, both your observations and the "verification word" were absolutely spot-on about the previous webpage I had visited.

Nevermind, I guess you had to be there. It was good for LOL at the time, though.

Mark Gamon said...

Have just been to Adam's site to doublecheck. Please note that this is an example of BAD acid, and therefore 'specifically to be avoided' as those of us who remember Woodstock will attest. Woodstock the soundtrack obviously: I only ever met one actual person who was actually AT Woodstock, though I suspect she was lying on account of being able to remember it.

By contrast, I took acid at Weeley festival, and listened to T Rex who sounded remarkably good. I take this to be an example of GOOD acid at work, because T Rex were obviously rubbish.

As I remember, the night sky was pretty kickin' as well.

ssupg. The sound of a spliff being smoked, whilst under the influence of the legendary 'Weeley Whitetab'.

tom909 said...

Mark, was it T Rex or Tyr - fuck I can't spell this - Rex. I watched them on acid and they were pretty good. Actually, truth be told, I still enjoy T Rex as well. I know he sold out etc etc but he could sure get a good rhythm going - particularly good at family get togethers when the only route to survival is to get completely pissed.

Betty said...

I am reassured to find out that Tyrannosaurus Rex and all that stuff about elves is awful even on acid. T Rex in the 1970's however was wonderful, whether or not you were in an altered state.

Anyway, it was all solvent abuse in bus shelters during my angry punk rock youth. Typing correction fluid anyone? Or could I interest you in a can of hairspray?