Friday, February 24, 2006

Handy Hints

Amongst the usual tripe in my outlook express inbox is a missive from those wacky dudes at "Friends Reunited". Obviously aware of how few of my former schoolfriends have replied to my begging emails, they suggest ways to encourage people to contact me. "Update your profile - add a photograph" they counsel.
Yes, that will work.


Geoff said...

So you haven't even recouped your membership fee, Vicus?

Organise a class reunion, ask for the money upfront, then cancel it.

They won't expect ALL their money back.

tom909 said...

I haven't got any friends and if I did have I wouldn't want to be re-united with the fuckers anyway.

Vicus Scurra said...

Tom! Is that you?
Halifax Grammar School 1984 - 1991?
You were in Bondage House, and I was in Fetish.
We should get together and catch up with old times.
Whatever happened to Squiffy Warburton?

hehacoqk - amusing genitals.

caroline said...

God Vici, that's revolting.

I am a member of Fiends Reunited and it's a jolly fine club. Try and remember that.