Friday, November 24, 2006

Just for the ladies

OK, it is nearly the weekend, so as no bugger is reading, I can get away with a sports post.

1) The buggers picked Giles and left Panesar out. Skip the next couple of lines if you are of a delicate disposition.
Buggery bollocks. Fucking shit sucking camel shagging goat molesting arse mining third rate wankers.
I hope Australia win by an innings and 450.

2) Let us take a moment to reflect on the contributions to human joy of Ferenc Puskas who died last weekend. My earliest memory of watching a match on TV was the 1960 European Cup Final. The memory has been blurred by seeing highlights many times since, and I was certainly too young to realise just how spectacular that Real Madrid team was. Before Pele came along (and by 1960 he had only just begun to come along) either Alfredo di Stefano or Ferenc Puskas was the best player in the world (should that be ‘were’, FFE? Oh, sorry I forgot, you are no longer qualified to correct me) and they both played for the same team. There have been a handful of players since who were in their class, but, Pele aside, none who could be proved to be better. If you have never seen them, then my assertion would be that di Stefano was like Thierry Henry, but even better, and Puskas was as exciting to watch as Bobby Charlton, but even better. If you watch the 1960 match you will wonder how anyone ever managed to stop Puskas. It seemed as if he would get the ball somewhere near halfway, power past two or three defenders and shoot from anywhere from 10 yards to 35 yards out, and the shot would be unstoppable. It is possible that if he were playing for Chelsea now then my image would be entirely different; I prefer my memories.

3) Er ….

4) That’s it.


Frontier Editor said...

Now that I look at my new acronym, I feel disturbingly Gaullist. Maybe if I choose something with the resultant FFI, I can complete my transition to an authoritarian frog. Vive le ribbit!

I still have a residual ability to make people feel bad about their grammar. 'Was' is correct in this particular case, however.

And with that, I fade into the vasy hoi polloi . . ..

Dave said...

At this stage, just after lunch on the 3rd day, your prediction is looking a little optimistic.

Mark Gamon said...

Knowing Abramovich, he'll probably figure out a way to buy him.

Dave said...

That Dave what wrote above isn't the real Dave. That's me. I quite agree with you on No. 1 (although I wouldn't use such words in public, of course). Well, they're not going to lose by an innings now, but they certainly are being punished.

How could they play Giles? They might as well have picked you and me.

Actually, looking at our figures for BMCC, perhaps they should have.

Richard said...

I don't understand picking Giles either. Nobody in the set-up appears to quite understand what Panesar's got, which is the ability to take a wicket on any surface because he has the belief that he can do so with every ball. Attacking spin bowlers are obviously so passé.

I heard that about Puskas last week. On Wikipedia there's a marvellous story about a coaching session he was part of in Australia. No point in bothering with the details suffice to say that his fellow coaches were Messrs Best, Law and Charlton. Can you imagine anything like that today?

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave! how confusing having another Dave. While all are welcome here, can I please request that any future Daves stipulate that they are only a poor replica of our original Dave.
Richard. Thanks for that link. A wonderful story. Everyone - get over there and read it.

Kindness (disarms the difficult) said...

This lady is a sports fan. Of course, I have no clue what you are talking about but I am a fan, dammit!

Vicus Scurra said...

Kindness, I am talking about the recent world knitting championships, and the passing of a man famous for his agility in the underwater high hurdles.

ziggi said...

1. 16 Freddie what are you doing?
2. Cantona - does he not rate as one of the greats?
3. I agree wholeheartedly
4. I don't think it's a good idea to pee in a cardboard shoe

homo escapeons said...

Whilst you Monarchists brattle on about Cricket we Colonials prefer Hockey. Yes the spectacle of mesomorphic, maladjusted, high school drop outs firing frozen pucks into the nadgers of French Canadian goalies...who by the way are now officially the only exported product to come from the Province of Quebec.
'Separate this' you little bastard!

Unlike those Australian asskissers
we Canadians have successfully severed any sporting connection to the 'Motherland'..except in 'British' Columbia where I must regrettably concede that gardening and cricket still make the papers.

Perhaps if they eliminated that little skipping motion and introduced full contact between the participents cricket might catch on in the New World!
Perhaps one day fascinating tidbits such as..
Australia won by 277 runs
england: 370 for 10,
100.1 overs..
might be of interest to the hewers of wood and desanguinators of beaver of this glacial paradise.

For the moment the commoners of this great land, a subsidiary of the American Dream Machine, remain perplexed and confuzzled.

dinahmow said...

No quibble with your grammar,or your admiration for Puskas.I'm also old enough to have been "converted" to the round ball by the Real Madrid side of early 60s.
As to the Great Paint Drying'll probably get your wish and I'll try even harder to get the locals to embrace hockey.(The ice kind;they already do quite well at the grass kind.)

Vicus Scurra said...

Welcome Dinahmow.
Those Aussies are good at most things. I still quite like them.

Bock the Robber said...

Eh, would you have any views on the state of English rugby?

Vicus Scurra said...

Bock. Yes.