Thursday, April 03, 2008

Those of you misguided enough not to read his complete twaddle every day may have missed the alarming news that Scaryduck is doing a charity run.
Your choice is to either attend the event and give him an intimate massage when he collapses from exhaustion, or to sponsor him, you tightfisted gits.


Dave said...

I ran the London Marathon in 1989. Did any of you sponsor me then?


I thought so.

In other breaking news - and this will set you LOLing, Vicus - I have been advised by my GP to become a vegetarian, as meat may be causing my stones.

I think sausages are worth a little pain, myself.

zoe said...

I saw that Scaryduck was running in some sort of half-mile marathon (if they even exist) and thought "bless, if he carks it at the end I'll donate to the charity of his choice. If he doesn't, then I'll donate to the charity of his choice."

Sweetness and light - that's me, all the way.