Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here are the answers to last week’s quiz.

1) “Eight miles high” by the Byrds
2) Dame Vera Lynn and Graeme Souness
3) With one hand firmly cupping the right heel.
4) In 1908, with a score of 76.
5) Venezuela
6) This was a trick question – it’s never been done!
7) Greek Orthodox
8) Halitosis
9) Bob Monkhouse
10) Only during the months of November and May

Well done to all of you who tried.
Dave got all of the right answers, but to all of the wrong questions.


Geoff said...

Damn. I had Tom O'Connor for number 9, Dame Judi Dench and Peter Beardsley for number 2 and thrush for number 8.

The rest were piss easy.

Richard said...

Didn't Graeme Souness try and sign Vera Lynn when he was at Southampton?

Dave said...

Story of my life.

tom909 said...

I don't think Vera Lynn ever played for Southampton.

I, Like The View said...

erm, number 6)

are you sure?

Vicus Scurra said...

Very close, Geoff, bad luck.
Richard. No. You must be thinking of Shirley Bassey. Vera Lynn is under contract to Sheffield Wednesday.
Dave. You tried.
Tom. Yes, as I say above.
ILTV. The quizmaster's decision is final.

KAZ said...

I got them all right except for no 7.
I said Greek Unconventional.

Donn said...

At least I tried!

1)I was way too stoned to remember that
2)Ann Whitticomb and Boris's Johnson
3)right testicle or breasticle
4)I had nothin' on that
5)fyi: Hugo Chavez is pronounced ˈuɰo ˈtʃaβes in both Spanish and his native Klingon
6)Apparently that's not entirely true because Princess Margaret and Peter Sellers pulled it off during Ascot
7)pfft, I had Orthodox Rastafarian
8)close..Halifax, Nova Scrotum
9)I had no idea..none whatsoever
10)during an eclipse maybe

MarkG said...

Nice answers. Am I too late to join in?