Tuesday, May 10, 2005

And a big "Thank You" to all of my visitors

I shall take some time to go through the interesting catalogue of sites that have appeared in the referring web site section of this diary.

The mundane explanation for the appearance of the sites is, for those of you unfamiliar with the mechanics of blogger, that if you click on the “Next blog” icon at the top of this screen you will be transported to a random blog. Not truly random, of course, as computers can’t cope with that concept. One, or a few, of my visitors have arrived here by that method.

1) You eventually become who you pretend to be.
She begins her latest entry with “I really don't have anything to say about today” and then continues.

2) Nude Beauty.
Nice tits. Now fuck off.

3) Welding and welders.

4) Drama Club.
In Portuguese. Sample translation “ouch, this aches to think me lonely”. Charming

5) All about scuba diving.
Not as funny as welding.

6) Best Free European Porn.
Fairly empty, as one would expect. Probably should have been a link to Zoe.

7) enna pArvai indha pArvai. (That is anglicised Tamil)
Dunno what the Tamil means, but the rest of the site is the incoherent ramblings of an ill educated baboon.

8) La Cosa Knitstra. (geddit?)
Photographs of knitting. Utterly, totally and emphatically pointless.

8) Rock and Rolls.
Photographs of dull buildings.

9) TLC Janna.
Suicidal ramblings from middle America. Waltons without the sex and violence.

10) Rulz indeed.
Shite indeed.

10) Alarm systems.
“Find an alarm system here”. And use it to alert others not to visit this site.

11) Obiter Dictum
I can’t stand these people who pick up an obscure Latin phrase just to show off.

12) Blog de toroenmaromado.
Translation excerpt: “In the Corrillo of San Nicholas, then neuralgic center of the villa, staged the allegory of the Eucaristía, completing the celebration "giant and tarascas". Consider yourselves educated.

13) Adam’s Web Journal
The thoughts of an embryonic Einstein.
Unfortunately, not Albert, but his moron cousin Dwayne.


Caroline M said...

You have two '10's' there Vici.

Caroline M said...

Whoopsidaisy - and two '8's', Maths not your strong subject then?

I still love you, fear not.

Mark Gamon said...

Yes, but where are the links???

Now I'll have to search Google for Blog de Toroenmaromada. And I'm bound to spell it wrong...

Mad Dog said...

There really is some tragically dull stuff out there. Possibly I'm even more dull because I've been checking your links...

Boggins said...


this girl types out Madonna lyrics, with all the da-dee-dahs intacto.

zoe said...

"Best Free European Porn" - actually, that belongs to Scary. You don't honestly think anybody would buy it, do you ?

Adam Leonard said...

"No good, F - -" Hmm, I can see Vicus being a British Stong Bad, with his strict, mocking attention to grammar and general mean-but-funny attitude. As for me, at least I can join Zarzar's Club now.

Caroline M said...

'types out Madonna lyrics'...

She must die.

Mark Gamon said...

Probably already dead.

Boggins said...

Here is a quote from an accidental vistor today:


g0ts a science exam. after science exam rained. after recess, got a stooooopid relieve tchr. then

wahahaha.. so farny. the whole class was CHAOTIC. We were supposed to line up in TWOS but

instead we lined up in 5s to 10s. huahahaha.. adriel and keola was like.. oh my gawd. SO

FARNY! huahahaha... =D The teacher was moronic. giirls as usual are the guai ones and get to

sit down first. =X Being a boy has a big disadvantage. xD. we stayed in the hall till 11.15 am

when we were supposed to be back in class by 10.45. lolx. huahaha. *weehs* then we headed

back to class for a half an hour discipline tutorial. pplx thinks that the teacher has fungus in

her hair. =) anywae. something like that happened.


Education is a wonderful thing.

Caroline M said...


(note to self: check 11 year old son doesn't have Blog)

Mark Gamon said...

Oh, I dunno. Farny is a brilliant word...

kevin b said...

You think that's farny, do you? Do you? Do you?


Anonymous said...

take my link off!!!]
Jack Ass