Monday, June 20, 2005

Kaliyuga indeed

So dear friends, what do you make of this?

This bizarre site – and I wonder whether it tends towards the tautological to use that phrase – is one of the strange weblogs which exists for no purpose other than the posting of arcane and useless facts. Many of my dear friends, including the lovely Watski are listed as links.

I would like to think that my presence there is due to my knowledge of Indian philosophy rather than the charming little article about inflammation of the glans penis. I am too old to have anything other than chilblains as a sign of physical inflammation from the chest down.

This leads me to refute the allegations made against me by that Zoe woman.
I was laying in bed, in a deep sleep, dreaming of angels, the music of Bach, Tom Graveney and other such heavenly scenes, when I was whisked away into the maelstrom that is the psyche of our Belgian friend. Decency prevents me from listing the scenes I witnessed. Suffice it to say that I will resist all invitations to return, and I would counsel you all to do the same. Adam – that means you. You do not do depravity until your third year of college.

I think this calls for an early night – a cup of organic fennel tea and an improving book. It behoves some of us to uphold decorum.

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mike said...

The clue is in the sidebar. Note those carefully placed spam links, in amongst the "legit" links. It's an attempt to gain Google rankings for spam sites, by creating an approximation of a "proper" blog. As such, it's quite a clever new variant on the theme. Why, I can almost respect its cunning.