Friday, September 16, 2005

Political Update

My thanks to the BBC news for informing me that Mrs Merton is about to become the new chancellor of Germany.

I have always felt our governments would be better run by those who were more familiar to us prior to their embarkation upon a political career. I would like to see more spoof talkshow hosts leading their countries, but would draw the line at the real thing.Parkinson is a tad too smug for my liking, and very unsound on monetary policy.

I would like to think that Lily Savage would make a lovely PM, but can never see the day when this country is led by some foul mouthed vile ugly misanthropic tart.

Mrs Merton would not be the first of course. Australia have, I am reliably informed, been led by Norman Gunston for many years.

For the benefit of any of the rednecks who came over to this site some time ago, and who I have now become bored of visiting, I must acknowledge the USA’s lead in this. They went one better than having a failed film star as president, and now have as head of state someone who is a complete and utter failure at everything other than being a complete wanker.


Patry Francis said...

King of the wankers. That's our prez.

Adam said...

Hey, you never commented on your own country's election last May.

Remember when Britain called the United States dumb for reelecting the guy who got them into Iraq?

Vicus Scurra said...

Adam, I am not, nor ever have been, an apologist for Mr Blair, and regret that my occasional remarks about Dubya might be interpreted as being a smidgeon critical, but you must admit that when it comes to Grade A, absolute, total fucking dipshits, no democracy has ever elected such a specimen in recorded history.
Fuck it, Adam, we thought that we had won when Thatcher was our choice, but I guess that the old cliche that everything is bigger in Texas is true, particularly when it comes to assholes.

CarolineM said...

Vicus. VICUS - look at me please. There, that's better.

Now! Remember when we talked about finding our Happy Place? I don't think we've been trying hard enough have we, hmmmm?

Shoulders back and chin up, pink pretty thoughts. And those spectacles need a good clean.

broomhilda said...

Vicus, Vicus, Vicus, (shakes head)
find you're calm there puddin' head. Listen to carolinem, think pretty pink thoughts. Would you like some tea?

Dyna Girl said...

Vicus, thank you for the Euro commentary, for us 'mericans don't seem to know much 'bout this politicin', as can be witnessed by our lame-ass (too put it mildly) ball sack 'leader'