Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My dear friend, MJ, has asked for more T&A on my blog, with pictures. (see previous thread).

That is not difficult, although quite why the need for information about the Bradford Telegraph and Argus is a little intriguing - let's just put it down to the cold Canadian winters.

Here is a picture of a Bingley post office from a recent edition of said organ.

I do love being Santa.


MJ said...

See, Geoff? He IS the real Sanny Claus!

First Nations said...

shocked and APPALLED.
i come here for quality family entertainment and i get this.
*huffs off*

zoe said...

that's what you call a POST OFFICE ? santa's grotto, peut-ĂȘtre, but a POST OFFICE ?

Pamela said...

Ah FN, you know better than that. That's why my blog exists!

Vicus, no card as of yet. I'll keep you posted. Ha! Posted, get it? I..uh...erm. Ok, well, I need to go back some Christmas cookies. I'd share but you're too far away.

Vicus Scurra said...

MJ. Ho Ho fucking Ho.
FN - don't forget my lesbians.
Zoe - glass houses, old artichoke. In Belgium that establishment would be the royal palace.
Pamela. Oh dear, you really haven't grasped the concept of the British royal mail have you? You will be lucky to get anything this side of whitsun.

zoe said...

by the way, old chap, your christmas card for 2004 has now been written out but i'm waiting for my assistant to send me my labels. i may then have the time to write out your card for 2005, if you so wish.

gosh, i'm nice.

Richard said...

It's like that so they can tow it away easily next week. It's usually a mobile chippy outside Elland Road on match days.

dinahmow said...

could this be what became of Jonny B's ex-Post Office?

Vicus Scurra said...

Richard. Just because some nagging wench from across the channel makes a snide remark about our wonderful institutions, do not feel the need for a rebuttal. She is just keeping up her nagging skills.
Dinahmow - yes it is the same one, indeed come the new year it will probably be the only post office in England.

Murph said...

I get it... "Santa" is another of your anagrams Vicus.

ziggi said...

Dear Santa,
How are you?
I hope you are well.
I have been good all year and worked very hard at all things.
Please send me the man of my dreams.
Thank you in keen anticipation.
Lots of love

Vicus Scurra said...

Hey! Pamela! My dear friend Wayne in LA received his card today. If yours is not there, it is due to tardy postal services in your state. So you can stop yelling at me.