Monday, February 26, 2007

It will not have escaped the attention of my more keen sighted readers (AMToNW) that this week’s episode of “Lewis” was penned by good old Alan Plater. Therefore we had a succinct and witty script, whereby such absurdities as appear to be integral to any cop show these days were cleverly disguised. I doubt whether Knacker of the Yard, or even Knacker of Oxford intersperses his conversation with quotes from T.S.Eliot in the real world, but it does make for entertaining television, and gives Mr Whately a chance to prove that he has some acting talent. Lewis, assigned to guard one of the main protagonists managed to be standing next to him when someone shot him. (Are you still with me? Do you know who was shot? Do you care?) This is far more in keeping with the image portrayed by our real boys in blue these days. Gross incompetence. But let that not detract from an episode that redeemed last week’s drivel, with witty dialogue, some nice photography and even a story in which the mystery was solved by detective work.


Some of you will wonder whether I attended the Oscars this year. Unfortunately, my presence drives Judi Dench and Helen Mirren into a jealous frenzy, and they have to be separated by security guards. I attended the after ceremony party by video link, where I managed to “dance” with Penelope Cruz by means of young Danny Craig holding a laptop computer at Penny’s face level during a particularly tortuous waltz. I find these events more tiresome, which may be due to my getting old, but quite honestly I think that I have heard virtually every dull tart in California burst into tears and thank their therapist at least three times.


Richard said...

I have heard that she only got the Oscar because it was the only film she's ever been in in which she didn't get her jugs out. Although it must be said I've yet to see it, despite my best efforts because, Ashford, in their infinite wisdom managed to put the most lauded of British films of the past half century on Wednesday matinees back in October. They did a special showing ten days ago. In the afternoon. Cineworld the Overpriced Wankers.

awaiting said...

Jealous frenzy, huh?

Sorry you didn't attend the Oscars. I did and Posh Spice's presence at Elton John's party made me heave.

I am still recuperating.

Please send aspirin and prozac.

tom909 said...

I'd love to win an oscar, just so I could tell them to shove it up their arses. Yours truly, Bitter and twisted of Bovey Tracey.

Vicus Scurra said...

Wasn't Bovey Tracey the actress who won best supporting actress in 1982?

Betty said...

Having a virtual dance with Penelope Cruz was a more sensible choice. If you had danced with her in real life, you would have got tangled up in the train of her dress for several hours. If you had attempted a tango both of you would have ended up in intensive care.

First Nations said...

nothing about soccer?
I'm gone.

Homo Escapeons said...

I am always amazed that the Terrorists ignore this event. They could level the White House, Congress and Senate and people would go "whatever" but if anything ever happened to the most important people on Earth..