Saturday, June 09, 2007

A few things to gladden your heart.

Firstly, my old pal Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London, does not take kindly to people who do not pay their taxes, in this case a gentleman who thinks that he is exempt from the traffic congestion charge in London. According to the Grauniad, Ken has demonstrated his CSE grade 4 diplomacy by describing the American ambassador to the court of St James’s thus:
"What is sickening in this world is people who are venal little crooks like Tuttle, who gets treated with respect just because George Bush has rewarded him with an ambassadorship as a big kickback for contributions to his campaign."
I would not necessarily agree with this. I have difficulty with the word “little”.

Whole Foods Market has opened the first UK branch. You can read about it here. It is not without its critics, but is pretty high up on my list of acceptable faces of capitalism. I’ve been to the Austin branch, and I liked it. We should all pray that they overtake Tesco and Sainsburys as the leading supermarket within 5 years, and give us a sensible alternative to Hollocks and Bollocks as a place to buy good stuff.

And finally, here is the next prime minister.Isn’t he lovely. Proof, were it needed, that in a true democracy anyone can succeed. I do not wish to be accused of judging people by their appearance. It may be that there are pictures of me out there that do not present me as the charismatic Adonis with which you all associate me. And it may be true that unlike our colonial transatlantic cousins we do not go to the greatest lengths to find the biggest bloody idiot to be our leader, we do, at least, make some effort.


Dave said...

Clicking on that picture tells me that it is someone called Gordon. I do not know the man. It isn't Mr Ramsey is it? I'm not sure I could watch PM's questions any more if it were full of expletives.

Vicus Scurra said...

Gordon Bennett.

Reg Pither said...

Firstly, welcome back. All work and no play makes Jack an abject wanker who drives a BMW and has a framed photo of Thatcher on their wall.
Secondly, you have "a list" of the acceptable faces of capitalism???? You disappoint me.
I assume this chain you are no doubt being paid to endorse is one of your pet "grow your own denim, knit your own yogurt, sandal-wearing, rabbit food-selling" outlets? I spurn health as I would spurn a rabid dog.
Thirdly, forgive my ignorance but who exactly is that marvellous, glycogenically-contained vacuum pictured? It's not seeking our votes, is it? Don't these people have mirrors?
Finally, oh wise one, how do you post photos on your comments? We're all really impressed over here, I can tell you.

Richard said...

I draw your attention to this sentence from Whole Foods' PR: "Whole Foods Market has helped to revolutionize the way Americans eat and think about food." What revolution would that be? The one that's seen every Macdonalds and Dunkin Donuts bulldozed and replaced with a farmers' market? And why open your flagship store for what is probably going to be highly-priced prestige food, in the wealthiest borough in the land and perpetuating the notion that healthy eating is only for those who can afford it? Why not in Chatham or Dagenham and cause a proper revolution? I think I may be upset.

homo escapeons said...

!Gordon Bloody Bennett!

Thank You for the insightful expose on grocery shopping in the UK.
I was completely unaware that there were North American style Supermarkets west of Gander.

We Transatlanticans have always been led to believe that fatcat upper class Brits of your ilk toss your Celtic slaves into the Thames to muck around the bottom in search of Eels. Naturally there is a choking mechanism involved to prevent those bandy legged little buggers from swallowing them midstream.

Once your dwarfish red haired little Fisher has surfaced he is immediately towed back to shore by other household manservants.
Great Success, there will be pie tonight!

I, like the view said...

I've been going out with a girl
Her name is Julie
But last night she said to me
when we were watching telly
(this is what she said)
She said "Listen John I love you
But there's this bloke I fancy
I don't want to two time you
So it's the end for you and me"

"Who's this bloke?" I asked her
"Goooooordon" she replied
"Not THAT puff" I said dismayed
"Yes but he's no puff" she cried -"He's more a man than you'll ever be"

Here we go, two three four

I was so upset that I cried all the way to the chip shop
When I came out there was Gordon standing at the bus stop
And guess who was with him
Yeah Julie - and they were both laughing at me

Oh, she is cruel and heartless
to pack me for Gordan
Just cos he's better looking than me
just cos he's cool and trendy

But I know he's a moron , Gordon is a moron
Gordon is a moron, gordon is a moron

sorry, but that was inevitable, wasn't it?

*saunters off humming*

(nice to have you back!)

Frontier Former Editor said...

I always assumed that the biggest crooks got the appointment to Ambassador to the Court of St. James - see Joseph P. Kennedy as the prime example - while the smaller crooks got Gabon, Upper Volta, Uganda and Belgium to hone their skills in anticipation of a big league pitching slot one day

ziggi said...

good lord he was ugly - but, he's actually improved - if he's capable of that does that mean there is some faint hope for the country?

ruth said...

The organic food crossover to mainstream capitalism practices is evidenced by the Whole Food Company trying to gobble up competitors in the same field, thus far prevented by the American Merger watchdog, who deemed that it was not in the public interest for the proposed merger to proceed.
However, I wonder if they demand $2 per cherry over there, as they do in the new London branch.

Vicus Scurra said...

Reg. I have been vegetarian for over 35 years. I am still ugly, fat and ginger. It clearly does not work.
Richard, Ruth. I said that they were not above criticism, I guess all I am saying is that I would rather shop there than at Teswaitburys.

Pamela said...

Ooooh! Whole Foods! I see some renewed vigor and better circulation in your near future, dear vicus!