Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tripping with Colours

"You can put your hand down, you great useless ponce, I told you last year that there is no part of the ceremony called 'Grabbing the royal tit'."

William is fearful for his eyesight. Either he will find his retina impaled on the barbed hat, or he might accidently get a glimpse of stepmother.

The shadows cast by the household cavalry endorse their awesome reputation, and explain the reasons for the rejection of so many applications.

Inspector Knacker and his men are as vigilant as ever. "Have any of you fuckers seen a tall geezer in a silly hat?"

"I'll give you a legacy, you dull twat. This is the third time this year you have insisted that it was fancy dress and left me looking like a tit. I just hope you didn't expect to get laid any time soon. "
Provide your own fart caption here.


ziggi said...

who's the one with the big spider on her head? Is that you vicus, in drag again?!

KAZ said...

Why has Camilla got copulating chinchillas on her hat?
And why is the ponce's hand on back to front?
Is he in the Masons?

Anonymous said...

What is with the hats? Those equal classy? Color me a peon, then!I seriously don't get women and their disgusting hats. A good hat is one thing but these royal garden party hats make me vomit.

Vicus Scurra said...

No, Ziggi, I eschew these events, despite their constant begging. I don't think that it helps the cause to be so ostentatious, but will they listen? Will they buggery.
Kaz. Because there is no where else that she could wear them. And it is the head, not the hand, that is back to front.
DG - you are a peon. What else can I call you (without paying, of course).

Richard said...

Camilla appears to have been caught before she had a chance to empty her chihuahua impaling hat

Pamela said...

I thought impaling chihuahuas was made illegal over there.

zoe said...

why is kermit sitting up there ?

Kyahgirl said...

you are so mean!! love it :-)

I've never seen a real person (Canadian) wear a hat like one of those. Are you sure the UK is a real place in the universe?

Mr. X said...

"Don't scratch your fanny while the riff-raff are looking, Beatrice, there's a dear"

Or is that Eugenie? I can never tell.


Richard said...

It's the checkout queue at single parent night at Victoria St Tesco Metro.

I, like the view said...

is there a single parent night at Victoria St Tesco Metro then?

*gets out diary*

spentrails said...

I am speechless (well not quite literally) with mirth.

homo escapeons said...

"That ghastly Tony Whathisface won't have us to kick around much longer eh wot?"

Labou((RRrrruuuuaaaarrrrppppp)) Party!

"Bloody 'ell!"
"That was right Fergilicious Grandmama!"
"Oye! 'oose that butch tart wit 'im then? F*ck me!"
"Oh dear, somebody had some wet oats?"
"Mummy Can I have Kenya?"
"Bloody Germans"

I, like the view said...

I think that the photo at the top is actually vicus and dave in fancy dress


but which one is which. . .


Frontier Former Editor said...

Re. the next to last photo: I thought Denholm Elliot was dead.