Friday, October 23, 2009

Another county heard from

I am up late at night, twatting about on the internet again, with a compunction to write something about a topic about which every twat and his dog has opined ad nauseam this week.

We are all concerned about overcrowding. The bandwagon of sages and seers pontificating about the BNP is in danger of collapsing due to overpopulation. Controls must be adhered to, and only those who were on it to begin with should be allowed to stay.

This week a number of people (aMToNW) have been alarmed that the BBC has allowed a fascist to air his views on a popular television programme. Sundry shows on the electric radio featuring Ms Polly Filler and her associates have invited people to telephone and shout on air and completely ignore what everyone else has to say. If you switched on your wireless set you can hardly have avoided it.

The television programme has ended. Nothing has changed. No one has had their opinion changed about anything, apart from perhaps some very naughty boys on twitter and facebook who wish to shag Bonnie Greer.

Does anyone really believe that the knuckle-draggers and bottom-feeding paki-haters who make up a sizeable minority of the population of this fine nation will have had their views modified by the sight of Nick Griffin impersonating a twat tonight? Has anyone, and I admit it seems slightly less likely, suddenly realised that they don’t like rap music or gulab jamuns because they were so swayed by the deep insights offered by the leader of the BNP? Of course not.

I watched ‘Question Time’ this evening. A small part of it consisted of representatives of the three major political parties (The Silly party of Britain, The British Silly Party, and the Silly British Party) adopting their usual stance of trying to assert whose dad was bigger than whose. This is the normal format of these discussions. Tonight there was a significant diversion as the BBC had cleverly invited along someone so uncompromisingly odious that they could all take turns in calling him names. They had also provided on the panel, for the sake of university students who had been told to watch this particular edition but did not know why, a sexy woman.

My political opinions have hardly changed since I was eight years old. I didn’t believe then that it was right to exploit minorities and I still adhere to that view. I believed then that it was incumbent (although I couldn’t spell it then) on society to take care of the underprivileged, and I still share that view. When I was eighteen I found Jack Straw to be a tad right wing, now I find him to be a total authoritarian tory loony, but, I would argue, it is Jack, not I, who has changed.

The programme should be renamed ‘Questionable Time’, because it is neither use nor ornament (apart from for the perverts mentioned above). This is why I don’t do serious on my blog very often. Even though I am clearly the most intelligent and perspicacious creature on the planet, my views are of no concern to anyone and will have no influence whatever.

So, let’s get back to knob jokes and captions featuring the Windsors, shall we?


dinahmow said...

".. the most intelligent and perspicacious creature..."
You might have one two bloggers vying for that honour. Or, might not.

I did want to show you some hooters, but apparently my links are wonky. Make of it what you will.

Donn w/2nz said...

I am dreadfully alarmed to discover that you are indigent and have a perspiration disorder.

You are terribly wrong about your views being of no concern to anyone or causing influenza.

I care...probably more than my patrician sentiments suggest, but believe me, I care.
You had me from "gulab jamuns".

Dave said...

Alarmingly I find myself in agreement with you.

Dave said...

Can be get back to Sarah Beeny's boobs now please?

KAZ said...

You know that I agree with you (apart from the intelligent and perspicacious bit) - but I worry about the term 'bottom-feeding'.
Please avoid in future.

Gordie said...

Somewhere in my archives I have a photograph given to me by my father, of fourteen British prisoners of war taking a dump on a communal latrine, and all made up to look like Hitler.

In all the strident hoohah about whether the Cornish gypsy boy Griffin should have been allowed on QT, a lot of people forgot that Britain defeated fascism by taking the piss out of them. The whole 'no platform for fascists' was really only of interest to the Trots, who I'm sorry to say gave the BNP their only victory of the day by punching a couple of coppers outside Television Centre.

Vicus Scurra said...

Dinah. Please abide by the stringent opposition to double entendre that are among the conditions of use for this web page.
Donn. I have often had you.
Dave. Please show us the way.
Kaz. You know what I meant. Pls to behave.
Gordie. Quite.

dinahmow said...

yes, me again! In clock language, this country is 10 hours in advance of Blighty, but, 24 hours after your post, we have just seen a TV clip of the Griffin man. He has a Hitler haircut!!!!

word ver - flogist

Richard said...

Quite agree, cock. As I don't have a telly, I don't actually feel I missed anything. Had I seen it I would have got annoyed at his fatuous arguments and total lack of intelligence, however I can read a BNP flyer for that. Also can't help feeling, along with Gordie, that the wankers in and outside the BBC were doing more for BNP recruitment than Griffin was. A much better programme would have been to have him on and not ask him any questions at all.

Yes, best thing to do is ignore them. Maybe hit one now and again for fun, just to see how they like it.


Christopher said...

Maybe it's because we live in France and take a much livelier interest in French politics that I can't get very worked up about this. At heart most people are sensible enough, and if there weren't any extremists there wouldn't be the middle path that most of us prefer not to stray too far from. Warbeck, Monmouth, the Pretenders, Gordon, Mosley and their like came and went, a dismal pageant whose only legacy was to make us sharpen our ideas a bit. I wouldn't ban anyone from making fools of themselves if they're so driven. Wilkes and Liberty!