Saturday, December 24, 2005

Recommended reading

I have stolen this picture from my friends at Whitehouse .org
Read Laura's Christmas letter

Is it cosmetic surgery that makes her always look surprised?
In this one she seems to be saying "Remind me again how this arsewit got elected".
If you didn't get this year's Kaliyuga Kards Christmas production, then send me your address and one will be in the post, or I could send the PDF version, but it somehow isn't the same is it?
Among my favourite comments so far is the one from the lovely Geoff and Betty, but I will not publish it here in case in spoils the surprise in the card.

The lovely Julia said:
"you never cease to satisy my under-utilized iconoclastic proclivities"
There's clever.

On the other hand, most people thought the card was crap and in the poorest of taste.
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Mark Gamon said...

Not me. I'm going to frame it.

Adam said...

"On the other hand, most people thought the card was crap and in the poorest of taste."

Hmm. Almost makes me wish I had asked for one. Although I would have had to ask for it around Thanksgiving to get it in time.

Well, since you liked your prize for winning the comment contest so much, there is also a Christmas present waiting for you at my blog (and you can try everyone else's as well.

ynvog- Viking version of egg nog.

Vicus Scurra said...

Adam, shouldn't you be tucked up in bed waiting for Santa?
Or perhaps you have been a naughty boy this year?
And it's still not too late to ask for a card. In our hearts it is Christmas every day.

lattpom - apple based beverage, prepared in a toilet.

Sheryl said...

Happy Boxing Day, and belated Christmas Greetings!I'd send you my address, but then you'd know where I live.

Vicus Scurra said...

Very wise Sheryl.
Protect those children.
They could grow up to be like Adam unless you are very careful.