Friday, December 16, 2005

Yosser Cameron

This young man is evidently in need of a useful occupation. I need someone to clean out my gutters, but he looks too fucking stupid to do something that complicated. Posted by Picasa


Mark Gamon said...

On the other hand he may be clever enough to be a Conservative.

Betty said...

As an ex Etonian he is obviously ill-equipped to do anything BUT lead the Conservative Party.

Adam said...

Conservative? He looks like his job would be a John Edwards* impersonator to me.

*2004 Democratic Vice Presidential canidate, for those of you who follow American politics as closely as I follow British ones.

dlpcy- New, faster form of diplomacy. Using it, you couldconvince Iran to drop its nuke program in about 15 minutes. All participants must look and talk like John Edwards, but think like Dick Cheney.

Merkin said...

I think he would be very good at cleaning out gutters - he'd just get Boris Johnson to do it for him. And I'd pay for that!

Adam said...

Since you were the only one to actually attempt to leave a witty comment in my latest blog entry, here's your prize. It's a gallery of an important part of British culture:

Note that it has two parts, there's a link to Part 2 in the bottom left-hand corner.

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank you Adam.
That was truly crap and unimaginative.
Not that I wanted or expected a prize.
I expect that you mom loves you, anyway.

pjdmieed - moslem nightware for major religious festivals.

garfer said...

I bet he has a rub down with baby oil every night, the slippery devil.

Simon Holledge said...

I think he's a stockbroker trying to look like a TV executive. You can tell that by the Marks and Spencer shirt. Probably well-connected.