Thursday, December 15, 2005

William Wanky Wallace

Many of my readers (AMToNW) will be familiar with the concept of the whinge. A reader from north of the border (A Mr McTrellis of North Wigtown), has complained loudly, repeatedly and some may say boringly about changes I made to this website.
It may be that the dark Scottish nights make it hard for him to read. Who cares?
But, in the spirit of tolerance and having nothing better to do. I publish here his suggestion for a poll. These are his words not mine.

"Simon has proposed we hold a multiple-question poll on the new design of my wonderful and informative blog. Please validate one of the following statements that you believe to be true - but only one box:

1. This is the most beautiful blog in the blogosphere.

2. Pretty cool, you may be a geek but you have style!

3. Above average - for NE Hampshire.

4. Is that the winter low light version?

5. Take it away! It sets off my SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

6. Man, it's so ugly it should win a prize!


Anonymous said...

I love this wonderful web design, so sod off back to Invercockieleekie, you great Pict pudding.

Anonymous said...

It is as if Titian is back amongst us again.
I am awestruck. Gobsmacked. Overwhelmed.

Mark Gamon said...

Titian? I was thinking Andy Warhol.

Mark Gamon said...

Naaah. Jackson Pollock.

Mark Gamon said...

On t'other hand, Francis Bacon (now you've posted the Cameron picture)

Adam said...

It reminds me of a newspaper.

Since the newspaper industry is believed to be slowly dying out, I like the design being used on this blog.

/You know I'm just Joshin' you...
//Who is this Josh character anyway?
///Slashes rule!!!
////cjelaz- A delighted squeal made by the fans of slashes when this many appear at once.

Vicus Scurra said...

Simon. You are losing 6-0.
Did you ever represent Scotland at soccer?

Simon Holledge said...

Just found this (27 December). Too late to organize a protest march.

I've been in Hampshire. Good roads. Apparently the locals have a custom of lining the sides of the dual carriages with inorganic rubbish. Why is this? Elaborate, highly-decorated petrol stations with enormous signs. Some kind of religion, maybe?

England never produced a great painter, film director or fashion designer - the culture is all language and literature, TV etc. Visual stuff is alien. Titian? He was from Venice. Ever seen an ugly Italian website? I don't think they have them.

Can any English blogger tell Century Schoolbook from Plantin? I bet you wouldn't know a Gill Sans cap Q if it threw a pink, green and orange snowball at you!

The Picts were great designers. I am proud of my ethnicity.

Vicus Scurra said...

Great designers?
Yes, I could list the great Scottish artists without any problem.
Salvador Dalgleish?
Not forgetting the great Irish painter Leonard O'Davinci.

Personally I attempt to remain indifferent to my ethicity. It was none of my conscious doing to be born onto this planet or species, let alone a specific geographical location. The English have given us cricket, they have also given us concentration camps. On the whole, (and my conclusion is based upon more than just those two examples) no better nor worse than any other artificial racial group.

iytknic - refusal to accept membership of an ethnic group.

Simon Holledge said...

Hmm. I think you must be familiar with the long list of Scottish architects. As for designers there is Charles Rennie Mackintosh . . . but we are getting distracted. I was talking about the Picts. Slightly different thing . . .

Anyway if you reject your ethnicity (and I applaud your courage in coming out on this) why is this blog called the Kaliyuga Kronicles? Aren't you flaunting the Indo-European bit?