Sunday, July 08, 2007

A mosquito

It seems as if some of you were puzzled by the previous post. I am not sure who, some of you are very naughty and pretend not to recognise it. I am very pleased to know people who fail to keep up with what has been happening, but think, on this occasion, you should all see this at least 3 times in your life.


raincoaster said...

Hey, they cut it off at the end, where Kurt is twitching like he's been electrocuted. That's my most favoritest part, dammit!

Betty said...

The version they recorded for Top Of The Pops is worth seeing, if only for Kurt's stupid singing:

Apparently he was sulking because he'd been forced to re-record the vocals when he had a sore throat.

I, like the view said...


still don't get it

just like your blog really, so I suppose in a way I do get it. . .


(but I did watch it three times, as instructed)

homo escapeons said...

((yawn))as per the last post I still prefer the Weird Al version...although it is fun to watch Dave drum..and thank goodness that he invented the Foo Fighters...much better band.