Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I don't know what's going off out there

Yes, yes, I know. And I don’t much care, quite frankly. If only one of you had asked nicely instead of nagging me then I might have written something a little more substantial than this. And the only reason I am writing this here is because I can’t find a suitable place to post it on the Sky Sports site.

Open message to the Sky Sports Cricket Production team.

I have relabelled the mute button on my remote control device “Croft”. Because every time, (and I really don’t want to call him a Welsh Windbag, even though it is very apposite and alliterative, because I don’t like racism) that the annoying little git opens his mouth I feel a reflex reaction causing me to press said button. I do not want to spend my evenings having my entertainment spoiled by some arsewit loudly haranguing me with facile and trite remarks. I would remind you that in his professional career he occasional managed to achieve mediocrity, and was one in a long line of totally talentless slow bowlers to have played for England who had neither style nor charm. In his new job he has only ever achieved the standard best described as “crap”. I think I would rather listen to Trevor Bailey.


Richard said...

I think I used to say the same about Tony Lewis. Of course, you know the cure.

Peter West is 106

Dave said...

Some might think themselves lucky to at least watch cricket. The rest of us put up with Radio 4. Which you could do, with the mute button pressed on the TV.

Dave said...

I do regret the paucity of comments here from my fellow readers, after you go to all the trouble of dragging yourself out of your armchair to write this.

One would think it was holiday season, by the lack of comments on many quality blogs these days.

ziggi said...

George Melly has died you know. I did tell Himself but he said "who?" so I'm telling you as an older person because you will know who I mean.

Richard said...

I now who he is and I didn't know he'd gorn, either. He liked a good tiem, did George.

Richard said...

He probably liked a good time as well.