Sunday, May 11, 2008

I've fallen off of my chair again, Brian.

A quick sporting note, while it is still the weekend when no bugger reads this.
A heartwarming end to the football league season here, where the team with most flair, skill, entertainment and vastly improved sporting behaviour won. The current Manchester United team are among the best teams I have ever seen, and quite possibly the best club team. It would be silly to try to be objective about it.
It may not be very sporting to deride the runners up, but it was very heartwarming to see Chelsea fail. Never can a man have wasted so much money as Roman Abramovich, no matter how many trophies Chelsea go on to win. They are dull, unadventurous and mechanical. Never can so much talent have been assembled with the result being such a highly forgettable team. I wish they would bugger off and play in Italy where their style would fit in. To borrow from Mr Shankly, if they were playing in my back garden, I would close the curtains.


Leni Qinan said...

((Wrong assumption, Mr. Scurra. It's still the weekend, but some of us visit and even comment; perhaps to avoid thinking that tomorrow it's Monday again.))

So football. What a prosperous business. They're dull overseas too. How can they possibly not be dull, getting so well paid and spoiled, being more keen on driving their Porsches, improving their metrosexual look and going to posh parties, rather than playing as they should?

I always close my curtains. They really make me sick.

Pamela said...

Leni is correct. On all counts.

Happy Mother's Day Vicus.

KAZ said...

Good for Sir Alex - 26 not out.

ziggi said...

we're very happy about it round here.

Leni Qinan said...

Thanks Pammy! :)

Reg Pither said...

What a load of crap! I notice you're only support comes from down south - the home of all the other Man Utd so-called fans.
United has spent more than any other fucking club since the Premiership came into being. Now they fucking moan about money because someone else is spending a lot of stolen oil money. How often did United win the league before the Premiership? How many times did they win the European Cup? Just once, that's how many. They've still only managed one win in the fucked about, simpler-to-win Champions League - and then when they weren't champions, playing another team who were better on the night but who also weren't champions.
Who gives a flying fuck about Manchester fucking United - greedy bastards who ruined the FA Cup by pursuing cash. Why don't they fuck off to Japan where most of their fans are. Chelsea can go too, along with Liverpool and Arsenal. We might have a proper league then, not one decided by accountants at the beginning of the season.
How thrilling it was!! My arse!! Four teams in it and the same two competing it from January until this weekend - when it was finally decided who had most money.
Saying they play the best football is like saying the Nazis were the snappiest dressers.
Ferguson wins the fucking Champions League and gets knighted by Blair!! Nothing for Shankley, Paisley, Clough et al. God, you just don't realise, do you. Every non-gullible, real football fan around the world fucking HATES Manchester United and all it stands for. A team filled with continentals, run by a whingeing, gobshite jock and owned by Yanks. Fuck 'em!

Vicus Scurra said...

Reg seems a bit stressed, doesn't he girls? His true racist, regionalist self coming out. Oh dear. Perhaps you could all give him a cuddle. Poor love.

Richard said...

I'm a bit late, I've been busy.

As you may have guessed, I concur 100%. The icing on the cake was that Ryan Giggs scored the final goal of the season and never was there a more consummate club man than him. Except maybe Paul Scholes.

Love him or loathe him, Alex Ferguson's genius as a manager is to take players who could quite easily become primadonnas (is there a masculine form?) and get them to channel that energy for the benefit of the team - get ideas above your station and you won't fit in.

I can remember back in the 90s that it was thought the Cantona side couldn't be bettered and it was often difficult to believe it could be.

Chelsea are uninspiring shit. Having said that, they'll probably win in Moscow which will upset me deeply.

Vicus Scurra said...

No, Pither, you have gone too far. If you hate a football team you are channeling your emotions somewhat incorrectly. It is only a football team. They haven't carried out genocide or broken the legs of children. You are plain silly.

Richard said...

Oh dear, Reg.

Money, yes. And well spent, rarely squandered.

Followed all over the world, yes. One has to ask why. And don't believe the bollocks about there being no support in Manchester, either.

Love and peace, Reg.

Reg Pither said...

Quite where you get "racist" (something to which I take great exception. It is actionable - look up "libel") and "regionalist" from I'm not sure. Your lack of knowledge of the English language is matched only by your paucity of knowledge about football.
Thatcher did not commit genocide or break the legs of children (to the best of my knowledge) yet I, and millions of others, hate her. Celtic, until recently, was a sectarian outfit, equally deserving of hatred. Milwall and Cardiff foster hooliganism at their clubs. That's not hateful, I suppose? Can hatred only be confined to people who commit genocide and child abuse? I fear the silliness is on your part. Machester United were at the forefront of destroying the beautiful game as a sporting "contest" in this country by making success or failure purely reliant upon the amount of money each club has. Yes, I do hate them.
To even begin to compare Ferguson's skill as a manager to the skills of the likes of Clough and Shankley is also plain silliness.
P.S. Having lived in Manchester for four years I am well aware that the majority of Mancs are City fans - the original Manchester club. Ask 90 per cent of supposed United fans how to get to Old Trafford and they wouldn't be able to tell you.
Might I suggest (note: suggest, not dictate) that you stick to your lofty moral perch and stop flapping about telling others where to channel their emotions.
P.S. I am NOT racist and deeply, deeply resent the accusation. Think before you write in future.

Vicus Scurra said...

Your words Reg.
"A team filled with continentals, run by a whingeing, gobshite jock and owned by Yanks."
I hope you are ashamed.

Reg Pither said...

You believe the word "continentals" is racist? You believe "jock" and "Yank" are racist????
A race is "a human population considered distinct based on physical characteristics". So, what exactly are the "distinct physical characteristics" of jocks, Yanks and continentals?
Don't use words you don't understand. If you had accused me of xenophobia then you would be equally wrong but at least have shown some grasp of the language.
Get off your PC high horse and go and find a dictionary - and call me racist again and I WILL sue.

tom909 said...

Whahey, Reg is upset, or is he being tongue in cheek here. I think he is upset. And talk of suing, Reg, you wanker! Sue me for that, go on, prove you're not a tosser! For God's sake stop being so pathetic!

Vicus Scurra said...

Reg. You came over here, used offensive and vitriolic language, and when that was turned against you, you had a little tantrum. It is only because I know you that I did not delete your original comment. The last time I deleted a comment was when I attracted the attention of a right winger nutter from Arsewipe Oklahoma who thought that we should all carry guns.
This is my blog, and I decide what is and what is not acceptable.
I prefer to see your rantings as pathetic more than anything else, but you have turned this discussion into something that I never wished to view on this site.
Tom and Richard, thank you for your comments, but I wish that you hadn't been dragged into it.
Reg, despite your ill constructed histrionics, I bear you no ill will, you have simply overstepped the line in my view.
I declare this correspondence closed.