Monday, May 12, 2008

Open your wallets and repeat after me: "Help Yourself"

For those of you who would like to contribute to the latest disaster appeals, then the site in the UK to get your funds converted most quickly to the appropriate place is the Disasters Emergency Committee.
They concentrate on the latest appeals, and quickly get a specific fund set up within hours of a disaster. Having said that, there is nothing on line for China at the moment, but I expect that they have a fund if you want to pay over the telephone.
They work with all of the leading relief charities.
I made the mistake of donating through my favoured charity last week, and my credit card has still not yet been charged.
DEC accepts on line donations, is a registered charity so that you can add gift aid to your donation if you are a UK taxpayer. My guess is that is fine for non UK donators as well - you will need to quote a sterling amount - and may be the best international collection point.
Happy donating.


Leni Qinan said...

Thanks for the DEC info. :))
You're right, it's good for non UK donators too.
Congrats on your initiative, Vicus!

Donn said...

I enjoy making donations for Relief Aid, especially at the Sperm Bank.

As a weekly depositor I can tell you that it certainly feels good to give something back to society.

I do it because a wise man once told me that you should give until it hurts a little.

I hope that this helps.

Pamela said...

Donn's post made me feel a bit squicky.

Vicus, I wish I could give more than have. When I see the devastation that has been visited upon these people, it brings tears to my eyes.

Was that too serious?

Leni Qinan said...

Before I go to bed, and in order to compensate the hilarity level, I'd like to applause Donn's initiative too.
I don't need, but thanks anyway Donn! :))

I, still, ♥ the views said...

love and peace to you, dear sweet vicus

Vicus Scurra said...

Pam. No my dear, anything you write is just fine by me. And we all wish that we could give more, so you are not alone in that.
Donn wishes that he could give more, but has lost his mangle.