Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sneak this in at the weekend

It's been on Youtube for some time, but in case any of the old folks haven't seen it yet.
This domesday machine is going to keep me occupied with posting for the next few days at least.


Donnnnn said...

Stephen Hawking told me that Alice, the rapper Alpinecat, gives him a woody.

Actually he said,
"Wut up muthaf*cka, gonna schtart colliding hadrons wid dat fine beeyotch Uh-HUH!
She be gargling my marbles all nite long sheeeet"

Atleast I think that's what he said, he has a bit of an accent.

I, like the view said...

is that's what known to the modern child of today as rapping?

(the music, I maan)

I, like the view said...

(I meant mean not maan, of course)(and if I'd read donn's comment, I wouldn't have had to waste your time asking about rapping - apologies)

Adam said...

Finally, someone explains this to me in words that I can understand! An early 90s-style rap!

In all seriousness, in much of the local and US media, the headline is usually not about the scientific discovery, but "WILL IT DESTROY THE UNIVERSE?!"

However, as a media person, I realize that they're just doing that to get people to read the article, as your average person doesn't care about scientific discoveries.

I'm so posting this on Facebook.