Thursday, December 03, 2009

Just hit the ball

For those of you who think that because I sometimes cross the boundaries of iconoclasm that I am therefore without a religious dimension, may I direct you to this gentleman who seems to have a view of the nature of the Creator which concurs with mine.


Dave said...

I am almost tempted to agree.

Christopher said...

Yes, impressive. Thanks for the link.

Did anyone ever feel like this about Denis Compton?

Vicus Scurra said...

Well, Christopher, that is quite a question. I'm sure they did. It's very strange. There were Indian supporters today calling for Tendulkar even when Sehwag was playing a better innings than even Tendulkar has ever scored, and Dravid was playing beautifully at the other end. And now all of the talk is of whether he will break records. I really don't care - just watch what he did today and enjoy it.
I think we should make sure that this thread becomes the longest in the history of this little blog, now that we have something important to discuss.

I, Like The View said...


Dave agrees with you and you've admitted to Christopher that there is finally something important to discuss


I better go and watch the link

I, Like The View said...

(at a guess I'd say you were talking about cricket, but I'm only a girl so what do I know?)

I, Like The View said...

(see, I'm trying to make the thread longer already)

Richard said...

You'll have a problem. Potential contributors being handicapped by their antipathy towards anything transmitted by the forces of Evil. Or Sky as it's known round here. I'll take your word for it.

Donn said...

Why is he going on and on aboot Seabiscuit?
You guys sure get worked up about Darts :)

Dave said...

In a magnificent display of meteoroligal power, England today became only the second tourists - after Australia - to ever beat their hosts in a ODI series in South Africa.

The streets round here are crowded with revellers.

Christopher said...

I gave deep thought to the matter all the way from the foot of the stairs to the top, en route for my daily siesta. First, I wonder if you would be prepared to mount a petition to the Queen (as head of the C of E) to change the words of the Benedicite from

O Ananias, Azarias and Misael, bless ye the Lord


O Jessop, Compton and Ranjitsinji, blest be at Lord's

- while I shall apply to Herr Josef Ratzenberger to have Beefy, Lamby and Knotty beatified with a view to eventual triple canonisation.

(When French TV shows cricket I shall begin to have serious doubts about the UK's role in the EU.)

I think this would for a start.

Vicus Scurra said...

Not sure whether Alan Lamb figures very highly in the greats of cricket, but I suppose it is all subjective.

The Birdwatcher said...

Lets hear it for Geoff Boycott.

Vicus Scurra said...

He's a very good commentator, isn't he? I heard a rumour that he used to play cricket, but no one who went to watch him stayed awake to report on it.

Ian said...

Yes, it should become the longest thread. Magnificent innings.

Christopher said...

In the context of the original thrust of this post I merely proposed Beefy, Lamby and Knotty as candidates for a revisionist Holy Trinity. It has sometimes seemed to me that certain original members of the Trinity didn't quite measure up to the stature of the others. I could just as easily have suggested Rock (Somerset CCC 1902-05), Piper (Surrey CCC 1885-96) and Sizars (Oxford Univ. 1947-48), but I doubt if anyone would ever have heard of them.

Richard said...

Alan Knott already deified in these parts.

Clippy Mat said...

sometimes i almost understand what you lot are going on about.
but then.
i don't

FirstNations said...

I see the ball and I hit the ball.
I see the ball and I hit the ball.
I see the ball and I hit the ball.
I see the hit and I ball the see.
I hit the sea and I see the see.
I ball the ball and ball the see We Be the see and the ball see.
See ball see ball see ball. Baslseeballseeballsee we be see.
Be we the bee and see de bee balls.
Ballsy bee the wee hit the bit we.
Smacky whacky the wack cracky bee.
The ball hit the bee and I see.
To be is to do and to do is to be.
Do be do be do be do bee.
Sea ball me I hit the tree.
Do be a do bee (motto of Miss Robins' Romper Room)
I bit the balls when i see the bee.

I'd like to stop but I can't.