Friday, January 15, 2010

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I apologise in advance for writing about blogging. I hate it when people do that.
But I need to tell you that my absence here is due not only to my not having anything worthwhile to say (yes, I agree, that has never stopped me before), but also my awareness of that lack.
I am still reading your daily jottings, but I don't have anything much to say about them. Fortunately, there is one blog out there specifically invented for those with nothing to say, so I usually leave a comment there. Thanks, Dave. I have also been more than a little rude to Tom. I may regret that later.
Anyway, can I direct you to two of the many little contributions to the creative part of the electric internet which may have escaped your attention?

I've nearly finished this, and still not regretting what I said to Tom. I mean he's watching some sort of celebrity nonsense on television.


I, Like The View said...

bah humbug

Dave said...

Having nothing to say has never been a concern of mine.

Christopher said...


Clippy Mat said...

awareness of the lack.
that is the thing that hurts.

i enjoyed reading about the norway rats and the washing machine.
thank you.

Zed said...

Try changing the RSS link to my blog. That will give you something to do.

tom909 said...

I am enjoying the Celebrity nonsense, it's true. But damned if I can find any rude comment from you anywhere Vicus. Rest assured, if I do find it, I will take offense in the most appropriate manner.