Thursday, January 28, 2010

Limitless undying love

The Torygraph contains an extraordinary headline (I didn’t read the story) about claims by the brother of someone called “Susan Boyle”. I am not aware of the young lady. I assume that she is a pop singer of some sort, perhaps a member of one of these “girl groups” about which one hears so much these days. Perhaps Dave can illuminate this little corner of popular culture; he likes to keep abreast of modern music.

Anyway, Mr Boyle has expressed fears that his sister might be assassinated in the same way that John Lennon was.

I find this disturbing and disrespectful.

John would never have courted controversy by comparing his status to someone even more famous from the past.


Dave said...

I believe she is the lead singer in a popular music combo named 'The Spicy Girls'.

Gordie said...

Apparently Elaine Paige hates her, so she can't be all bad.

Vicus Scurra said...

She must be hot stuff! Boil and spice! (geddit?)

Vicus Scurra said...

Sorry, Gordie, which group is Elaine Paige in? Is she one of the Ronettes?

Geoff said...

How will her cat get a gun?

Gordie said...

Elaine paige was in Cats and Chess (two separate musicals, owing to the need for opposable thumbs.)

Gordie said...

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You This link may be kept until needed or sold.

Donnw/2nz said...

It occurred to me that John would not have fared well on one of those "talent" shows. He would have told Simon to F Off.

Suzie B is member of Il Divo. Her sassy medley of My Loverly Lady Humps, Baby Got Back, and Goin Down Like London Bridge, has captured the hearts and minds of several octogenarian Transvestites sentenced to house arrest in a Nursing Home just outside of Leeds.

Boyle, along with bandmates, P.Diddly Squat, KanYAY Worst, and Fiddly Cement, are set to thrill the world during the opening ceremonies of the Other Olympics in Vancougar.

Hundreds are expected to be in attendance... if the rain lets up and the tsunami warning level goes back down to code orange.
I can't wait.

FirstNations said...

You're all fully nuts. Ms. Boyle is ambassador to Prague. Makes me twitch with annoyance just thinking about it.

Christopher said...

Bide-a-wee Retirement and Nursing Home, Kirkstall.

Dear Mr Scurra,

I am very afraid for the security of my brother. I think he needs a bodyguard. Would you able to provide this service. They tell me you are handy with your 'snickersnee'.

I have to go now as I have to be changed.

And remain

S. Boyle

zIggI said...

Well you never know your luck

KAZ said...

I shall compare myself to David Attenborough.
No danger of assassination and he's already 99.

moreidlethoughts said...

Note to Ziggi: ditch that CD, kiddo, in case you're implicated!
And Vicus, aren't you confusing Ronnettes with Radio City Rockettes?

Rol said...

Can I just point out that you missed an excellent opportunity to throw in a timely Catcher In The Rye reference here too?

What? I'm only trying to help.