Monday, January 18, 2010

Miss Marple, starring Joan Vixen (geddit?)

May I say how much I enjoyed the programme on the electric television this evening called “Book Club”?

I may?

Thank you!

I enjoyed the programme on the electric television this evening called “Book Club” very much, thank you for asking.

I struggled for some time to tolerate the smarmy Frostrup woman on one of the Sky channels. I failed, alas.

Those nice people at channel 4 then came up with the idea of having a book programme hosted by Jo Brand. We love Jo, don’t we? I probably won’t read many of the books that are discussed (as a concession to being one of her majesty’s unemployed I have curtailed my book spending), but it was still very enjoyable.

You may have seen a television series called Silent Witness. As it is sort of a detective thing, I felt obliged to watch.

I found myself becoming slightly fascinated by the leading lady. Like many actresses in these sorts of programmes she seems to have only one facial expression (as does, for example, the nice young lady who is the DS in Rebus).

More alarmingly, when wearing this expression, which I calculate to be 90% of the time, she adopts a kind of frown in which something sticks out on her forehead just above the right eye. It does seem to be a vein, but, lacking medical training, I could not accurately identify it. Maybe it is the clitoris, who knows?

I suspect that they employ actresses with these bizarre quirks in order to distract the discerning viewer (i.e. me) from the appalling continuity errors and ludicrous plots.

I became so diverted by this lady that I decided to find out more about her, to see whether there were any genetic reasons for her face to be set into so peculiar an expression.

“Bugger me!” I exclaimed. She is Emilia Fox, and cousin to my favourite weirdo, Lawrence, who is Sergeant Haveitaway in “Lewis”. Do you know of any more members of the Fox dynasty who are portraying eccentric members of the law enforcement community on the electric television? Maybe they have a monopoly. I think we should be told.


Anonymous said...

So...she's one of that Fox clan.Isn't there also a connection to the Duchy of Kent?

Dave said...

Whilst channel-hopping last night, I came across something on (I think) ITV3 which I thought would appeal to you. It appears to be a documentary series about the late kings of France.


Zed said...

It will definitely surprise you, no, shock you to learn that I have one of the books mentioned on the book club before I fell asleep. 'The Time Traveller's Wife' - I have that book.

Haven't read it yet, though.

Christopher said...

Well it's good to think of you and Dave, solid citizens both, spending your evenings contentedly watching the eclectric moving window instead of gnawing at your fingernails and thinking what a tick your neighbour is. As for us, on Sunday evenings we have Midsomer Murders dubbed into French as Inspecteur Barnaby but with the sound turned off so that we can drink deep at the visual well of Home Counties nostalgia with roses round the cottage doors, pubs with horse brasses, church fetes, village idiots, etc.

Happy Monday

I, Like The View said...

I really should learn how to use the remote, instead of letting the POVS have control of the channels

Clippy Mat said...

Has she been on Corrie yet?
Ken Barlow reads books. He's not unemployed, just a pensioner, but he goes to the library and they let him take books out.
It's worth a try.

KAZ said...

I saw that Emilia person play the girl in Rebecca with Charles Dance as Maxim.
I should have gone to Madame Tussauds instead.

Rol said...

If she's Edward Fox's daughter, and she's half as mad as her dad, she'll definitely be worth watching.

zIggI said...


or is that too obvious?

tom909 said...

I've heard of the clitoris. I didn't realise it is above the right eye though. I thought it was a Greek temple.
Amazing what you learn coming on here.

Anonymous said...

You make me want to not be American so I know who the hell these people are. Hell, if I am really honest...lots of things make me not want to be American. Crap.