Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong Merrily on High

Today has not had the most auspicious of starts. I find little human compassion in evidence on news of the passing of Kim Il Jong.

Indeed, the event seems to have created a backdrop for poor jokes over on facebook (“I didn’t realise Kim was that Il”, for example).  Dear FFE who used to entertain us over here hinted in response to a suggestion that things might improve in North Korea now, that should that occur then monkeys would fly out of his ass. He did not specify a time frame, but I would advise you all to keep up to date with Youtube postings over the coming weeks.

I was moved, also via the medium of facebook to adjust my comments about wishing to see Nick Clegg punch Cameron, by a friend of a friend who took up the position that Cameron needed love and compassion. I said this: “Perhaps we should remember to be as compassionate towards Slimy Dave as he is towards others, and in the spirit of his legacy - no national health service, the education system perverted to the creed of Wackford Gove, and generations of young people and innocent citizens killed by his continued support of unjust wars on behalf of the petroleum industry, I have changed my mind. No right uppercuts for him. Perhaps we could arrange for him to be slowly kicked to death on Saturday night television, providing that it is not shown on all channels so that those of us who abhor violence can watch something more gentle.”

I now look forward to my short drive to work, where I will be regaled by soppy seasonal shite and cheerful updates on the world’s prospects for next year.

Are you ready for Christmas yet?


Dave said...

Glad to see the mood of the times hasn't affected you. Perhaps going to war with France would help.

Dave said...

*watches tumbleweed roll by*

Vicus Scurra said...

It wasn't me who scared the other commentators off.

Dave said...

'Oh yes it was.'

broken biro said...

Oh, Vicus, I wish I'd thought of that headline! *kicks self* (don't have any animals or small children to kick)