Monday, April 25, 2005

I engage in the democratic process.

My local labour party has a subset of the "proud of britain" website called "proud of North East Hampshire".
They asked me what I was proud of about north east Hampshire.
I wrote:
"Nothing. I am a citizen of the planet earth.
Proud of Britain - you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for hiding behind such jingoistic twaddle."
Back to the normal nonsense next time.


Mark Gamon said...

Proud of Britin? Where do I find it? I feel an urgent need to write furious political posts...

broomhilda said...

Yeah! Mark is back. I suddenly feel the need to put on my tiara and dance...

Vicus Scurra said...

I can be contrary, too, Mr G.
I will not put another link to the labour party on this site, until they publish my comments.
Broomhilda. Decorum.

broomhilda said...

Hey! I didn't say naked!

Hoosier said...

Whoever you all elect has got to be head and shoulders above Dubya.

If not I'll know for certain there is no God, all hail Pope Britney.

Mark Gamon said...

Pope Britney. Somehow it still feels so right...

(Ducking to avoid Broomhilda's flying tiara)

Boggins said...

My MP asks me "what makes me proud of Luton South?". I don't know what to say. Burberry Baseball Cap capital of Bedfordshire?
More drunken Scotsmen than Paisley?
Vote Whig, anyway.

kevin b said...
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kevin b said...

Mr Boggins

Shame on you for perpetuating the dissing of Luton. Ever since Ms Lorraine Chase's response "Nah, Luton Airport" to a travel enquiry by Mr Leonard Rossiter in a 1970s Bacardi telly advert of some repute, the duffing up of Luton and now Chavs (is this term of art derived from Chavs and Chav-Nots?) has gone far enough.

I really must deplore this bourgeois dinner-party sniping. As John Hegley (an Old Lutonian)memorably wrote:

I think of Luton
While eating my crouton.

So there.

And no, I'm not from Luton - Good God, wouldn't live there if you paid me.

Oh and Howdie, Broomhilda, you sound like a fellow nut/nutter/nutcase. Like the blog.