Saturday, January 07, 2006

I refuse to resign

Some readers (AMToNW) will be concerned over the press reports about my struggle with addictive substances. Fear not! I admit that I did smoke cannabis, but it was over 30 years ago. In no way will it interfere with my continued efforts to enlighten, educate and enthral the world with this organ. I refuse to be bullied into stepping down by a minority of whinging malcontents. I will continue to lead this journal, and there will be no change in style. The same standards of truth, decency and clarity will be maintained. In every generation, there are a few individuals blessed with the perspicacity that sees them assume their natural position as guides to the rest of humanity. It would be selfish of me to fail to honour this responsibility.


Betty said...

The extensive cannabis use seems to have left its mark though - you are often cynical, argumentative and bad tempered.

Thank God.

I wonder what Charles Kennedy is like when he's under the influence though - is he one of those aggressive drunks or does he start crying?

tom909 said...

Vicus, the fact that you have now come out into the open and started to talk about your addiction to cannabis is surely a step in the right direction. The after effects of hallucinagenic drug use that plague so many of our generation are sadly something that a lot of us would prefer to sweep under the carpet. Thank you for having the courage to bring the true facts about your debauched and often seedy past into the public domain. You are truly a man of great integrity. It seems like only yesterday that we wandered aimlessly around the slagheaps of Staffordshire laughing uncontrollably over nothing etc etc.

Vicus Scurra said...

Laughing at nothing? Fuck! I thought we were laughing at you.