Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Normal service resumed

Good! That’s got all the pleasant stuff out of the way.

The first task for my readers (AMToNW) is to get over to Sheryl’s place and get her to talk proper. She’s only gone and wrote “like” instead of “said” or “thought”.

There she is, on the one hand recommending the works of the splendid Mr Fforde, and on the other undermining the very foundations of effective communication.

So, get over there now, and tell her what’s what.

You may think that bullying the lovely Sheryl is the equivalent of stealing an ice cream from a four year old girl, or bursting paper bags behind nervous old ladies. Exactly! I am back.


Simon Holledge said...

Happy New Year from N55:57:16 W2:46:30

Sheryl said...

Pppppbbbbssst. Did I spell that right? Can a raspberry stand alone as a sentence? Even though it's not a subject or a predicate, it could pass as an interjection. Like totally.

Vicus Scurra said...

Happy New Year, old chap.
Be careful with those map coordinates. Google Earth can see right into your house. And I don't think you should be doing that with the curtains open.
Other readers are reminded that views of East Lothian via satellite are obscured by mist for 361 days each year.

uslavrtm - unseemly behaviour in the festive season.

Vicus Scurra said...

Hiya Sheryl.
That was not bad. For a girl.

Simon Holledge said...

It's condensation. Haddington is all listed buildings so we can't put in double glazing. Heating is a bit inefficient but we save on curtains. We all wear longjohns anyway . . . the population is falling . . . but you know all this.

Simon Holledge said...

Sheryl, I really like your colourful zebras etc. Can you give Vicus some design tips?

Mark Gamon said...

Vicus - I have just searched Google Earth for Haddington but it's not hi-res yet. Are you sure that's Simon you're watching?

qetct. A Scottish critic.