Sunday, July 09, 2006

It certainly takes a while to catch up with reading all of the comments and new articles that have been posted by my many virtual friends while I have been away. My goodness, you are very productive.

Fortunately, none of you have felt it necessary to try to usurp my position by writing anything that is amusing, interesting, creative, informative, original or in any way worthwhile, so I am reassured that I can have another little break at some stage without too much to worry about.

A few brief comments while I find my feet (explains why the typing is so slow. Just read slowly, or, like Tom, keep pace with me by enunciating each letter).

1) Missouri, for some reason (I suppose there is a reason, but being in the heartland of Bush voters that may be presumptuous), is known as the “Show me” state. The local sheriff’s department is not very sympathetic to those of us who mistake the intent behind this motto.
2) Next time I am away, please do not allow Fred Trueman to die. There has not been a world class English bowling partnership since the days of Trueman and Statham, and I was hoping for a comeback. Now that both of them are dead I suppose that has become unlikely. Warning. I may write more about Trueman later, notwithstanding Richard’s contribution. Look away if men’s stuff offends.
3) I must apologise to John Motson. The football commentators on ABC are much worse than him, in the same way that we thought it was not possible to get a president who was more stupid than Reagan.


raincoaster said...

Did you offer to show the sheriff your bat? Sometimes they can be unsympathetic, particularly if you're a size queen. "It's not the length, it's the breadth," etc.

Dave said...

Congratulations on the use of your bat yesterday (discerning readers will understand).

KAZ said...

Although I'm a non man, I must be one of the few members of your fan club who can remember Fred - better known as the father in law of Raquel Welch's son (or daughter)

Vicus Scurra said...

Raincoaster. I had no bats nor any other small mammals with me on my recent visit to your continent. US immigration and customs do not allow such practices.
Dave. Over here the term "discerning readers" is an oxymoron.
Kaz. No he wasn't. He may have been best known for 'not knowing what's going off out there' or for being one of the best cricketers ever, but the Welch interlude would only be of interest to the less discerning reader. Oh dear, I think you may have a point.

Richard said...

Fred was the father of Raquel Welch's daughter-in-law and it's probably best forgotten about.

Welcome back. Not a lot has happened as you said, so pretty much as it was before you went away.

Oh, Tom - Word verifaction has come up with one specially for you:


Frontier Editor said...

Welcome home Vicus.

After your visit to my homeland (or the psychologically undeveloped, run-down parcel of the subdivision) you may have figured out a couple of things:

A) Woody Guthrie was laughing his ass off at the inside joke he'd created when he wrote "This Land is Your Land" and;

B)The Russians created the word 'nekulturny' specifically after having traversed that portion of the American territories to negotiate with Seward over the sale of Alaska. Even they knew it was going to become 'red-state' territory and they sniggered heartily while failing to foresee that they, in fact, would become the ultimate red state.

Ah, got that out of my system.

Did you bring us any souvenirs?

Interpreter Pavlov said...

Glad to have you back - congratulations on your amazing knock.

kat said...

All commentators in the US must not use vocabulary higher than a 6th grade education-high primary school here. I'm serious. That's policy.

Except FOX, who has to aspire to it.

Frontier Editor, I'm dying to know, what did Woody Guthrie insert in TLIML?

Frontier Editor said...


Just take a look at the state of our country today, then listen to any reasonably well-done version of Woody's classic. Ought to be inside joke enough.

kat said...

True. Funny if it wasn't so tragic.

Vicus Scurra said...

If I wasn't so bitterly opposed to all of the foundations of nationalism, I would have to say that that song would make a fantastic national anthem. A love of the place and all of its good stuff, tempered with a bitterness about how stupidity screws it up. You can shove your God save the queen and star spangled banner right up your marseillaise.
I saw Arlo Guthrie on "Bullshit" the other day. Apparently, he was at Woodstock.

raincoaster said...

He was hurt you didn't remember him.

Pamela Troeppl said...

Welcome back vicus. You were missed. I think.

Vicus Scurra said...

Pamela! I have been yearning for you tragically.