Monday, October 08, 2007

Don't Fuck with Phil

I have just read that the bus carrying the jury to visit/recreate the final journey of old wossname, has been involved in an accident.
You can do your own jokes.

Coincidentally, dear old Anne has been at it again. There was, according to my friends at the BBC, an incident involving her helicopter today, and:
The aircraft was evacuated and the pilot used a carbon dioxide extinguisher as a precaution.
I have told her before about those curried eggs.

Sorry to keep adding to this, but I read at the BBC:

Earlier the tour of the tunnel was delayed because the jurors' coach blew a tyre when it hit a small pillar as it pulled up outside the Ritz.
The inquest is expected to last six months.

Ridiculous! A six month inquest into a burst tyre? We're paying for this, you know.


Anonymous said...


Carmenzta said...

Maybe taxes should go up.

tom909 said...

But Vicus, it's important that we get the bottom of this mystery, whatever the cost. As a loyal subject of her majesty I think we should be prepared to foot the bill whatever. After all we are talking about 'the people's princess' here.