Sunday, October 28, 2007

String Theory in two seconds

In a week where both the eminent Kingsley Web Log and dear old “Son of Groucho” both give space to a damned silly video attempting to “explain string theory in two minutes”, it is yet again left to me to be the voice of sanity.

I can explain string theory in two seconds:


I will not give you the links to any of these sites, nor to the very clever sites that give the explanation of the theory of relativity in words of one syllable. The noxious body of physicists have given up on trying to persuade us that their preposterous claims are founded in science – that is patently stupid – and have joined the image over substance bandwagon by the use of dismally unfunny gimmicks.


Dave said...

Thank you for that helpful advice.

Richard said...

There is a theory explaining string? Have they nothing better to do?

Spline Minlington once wrote a poem called "Wrenkled Strin" but I've forgotten how it goes. It makes you thin I think.

Sunday, isn't it.

ziggi said...

string is a very useful thing
rope is thicker
but string is quicker

think that was by Spike, mebbe ?

Anyway you shouldn't be so quick to dismiss string Sid, what will you use to hold your trews up if you don't have string?

Vicus Scurra said...

Dave you are welcome.
Richard, I hope the bastards have nothing better to do.
Ziggi, I see that you rely upon the laws of physics for making judgments about the behaviour of matter. Tut, tut, tut.

homo escapeons said...

Do you mean to say that those bastards are just stringing us along and that the Universe isn't Elegant?

Here I was all set to be Deterministically Probabilistic and now I feel so foolish.

However, since I am superstitious, I will continue to save string...
just in case the whole bloody Universe unravels. So don't come cryin' to me if you don't have any!

Murph said...

I wondered if web standards would decree this blog-segment incomplete without someone including the phrase "get knotted".

I'm afraid not.

Rol Hirst said...

The way I understand it, after reading that Parallel Worlds book, is that there is a little tiny violin string inside every atom that depending on how you pluck it vibrates at different frequencies and...

No, sorry, I lost it.

Adam said...

The truth is that you will find at least the next best summary of string theory at the following site:

Also, one of the weaker of a massive series of entertaining webcomics.