Saturday, December 27, 2008

But why did they need it confirming?

I am obliged to my good friends Theodore and Evadne Google for the following piece of information. (I should not forget the kind person who requested their services with this inquiry).
If you type "Gyles Brandreth" and "twat" into said web page, then I come second in the list of referencing sites.
In first place is his agent.


Anonymous said...

Well, I've always had a lingering admiration for the man. He commissioned a set of garden gnomes in the shape of the Royal Family. That's gotta be worth something (even if redundant).

MJ said...

According to my search, you're number one now.

Donn Coppens said...

She's right!
Some irate fellow right behind you on the Googleheimer listed Gyles Brandreth as author and smug four-eyed know-all c*nt...
would that seem to accurately describe the person in question?

I would actually consider reading his book The Joy of Lex: How to Have Fun with 860,341,500 Words as well as The Book of Mistaikes...unless you can convince me that they are dreadful?

Vicus Scurra said...

raincoaster. That's entirely up to you. I suspect that if you were to see him on television then that opinion may be tempered.
MJ. I am number one in all of YOUR searches, you pervert. I still say that his agent knows best.
Donn. That is an excellent description, apart from the "author" bit. I have never read his books. I could not do so without hearing the smugness in each word. If, like your compatriot above, you have not seen him on television you might manage that. If you want a reason not to buy his book, then would "Conservative MP" suffice?

Tim Footman said...

I'm more interested that the Toronto Scrabble Club Library is hot on your heels. God knows what he did to offend that lot.

Anonymous said...

You don't piss off the T-Dot and live to tell the tale.

Geoff said...

His agent used to advertise him as a wanker but then discovered that twattery gets you everywhere.

I, Like The View said...

see, if you'd used langauge like this:

"3. Gyles Brandreth - author and smug four-eyed know-all cunt

. . .you'd have only come fourth

your restraint is admirable

Dave said...

If you type 'vicus scurra twat' into google, you (in one way or another) hold the top five places.

Richard said...

On the other hand, if one enters "vicus scurra adores gyles brandreth" one arrives at Mr Stephen Fry's blog, with the aforementioned agent as the sponsored link. If, however, one substitutes "licks" for "adores", the destination is the same but the agent's link disappears.

Vicus Scurra said...

Tim. They are a right bunch of radicals. The allow words such as "Guevara" and "Kropotkin" in tournament games.
RC. Quite.
Geoff. I see that you have been purchasing your Christmas crackers at Fortnum and Masons again.
ILTV. Yes indeed, at the risk of repetition I would never call him an author.
Dave and Richard. I am grateful to have been the instrument of finding you an interesting pastime in your twilight years. Be sure to keep us appraised of your progress.

FirstNations said...

...aha, but if you type in 'gyles brandreth lick' in google U.S , the fifth entry mentions his name RIGHT AFTER THE NAME OF MY DISTANT COUSIN BY MARRIAGE, JEAN M. AUEL (who wrote all the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' books. thats right.) oh yes. oh yes it does. I have no idea what that means but there you go.

plus i found a nice picture of him here:

G Eagle Esq said...

Magister Vice Scurra

Vale et Merhaba

Like Mr Darcy, upon hearing of the elopement of Lydia with Mr Wickham

You will be ScHocked, Grieved, Grieved indeed


We rather enjoy you Komments

UND wir sind nicht allein in das (err ... dem)

Alles Gute

May the Peace of Christmas be yours, as well as mine

Tot siens


Vale et Allahismarladik

Aquila non Candida

zIggI said...

I have googled all the variations of Gyles and Vicus in every position I could think of and you always come out on top Vicus. Also you do mention him a lot - a bit of over protestation I think.

I think you should both come out.

Murph said...

Yes Vicus, I've seen you in a matching Jumper.

Richard said...

Scurra for dictionary corner.

I, Like The View said...

happy new year, Vicus

(tempted as I am to imagine that my greeting might fall on deaf ears, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps you have your hearing aid turned up to max volume)