Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pluck me

I wonder whether you might lend some assistance to the person who arrived here by enquiring of a search engine "how to epilate testicles video". I am assuming that it is the testicles rather than the video that needs epilating, but cannot confess to have significant knowledge of either subject. I am unable to help, I have searched my archives and can find no film of someone removing hair from gonads, of this or any other species. Please leave links to appropriate media in the comments section. No filth, please.


Rol said...

Big hairy bollocks, you can't find it! I remember that video well. How else would I be sitting here as smooth as two grapes in a crisp packet?

Geoff said...

Rol's lucky it was his left arm he broke.

I was going to wax lyrical...

I, Like The View said...

as an XX I feel I should restrain myself from making a contribution to the current debate, lest I confuse you/your readers/commenters/google search arivees

(however, if I cast my mind back to my youth when such matters were more relevant to my life, all I will say is that from an XX perspective [should that be taken into consideration at any point during the formalities]{and I'm aware that it might be the XY perspective that is also relevant}, it's the regrowth you need to watch out for)(not you you, but "one" in general)

MJ said...

Mr. Baldnutz to the rescue!

Homo Escapeons said...

They could have been searching for the monthly magazine for commisioned officers Epaulette & Testicles?

Dreadfully dull I'm afraid..although the last issue had some interesting tips on how to persuade enlisted men "Frought With Skepticism" to completely disregard the urge for self-preservation.

Vicus Scurra said...

Rol. As long as you are happy, then all is well, but please do not expect me to be over-interested in your hairstyles.
Geoff. Good.
ILTV. Watch out for? I have visions of a Bill Oddie like cabal, armed with binoculars and notebooks viewing and recording the progress of pubic hair growth. Please do not do these things to me.
MJ. Thank you. Thankfully there is no video on that site either.
Donn. I have read that journal, and found no mention of videos.

Adam said...

Well, I wasn't able to find any video on it, but I remembered seeing an ad for a razor that's specially designed with shaving your kiwis
in mind. But why anyone would own New Zelanders, much less want to shave them, is beyond me.

Also, it's a good idea to be careful where you do the shaving

/Writing that was made difficult by a number of HTML problems
//and awkward by the number of times a female coworker walked in the room to talk to me

Dave said...

I once had a nurse shave me in that area, before an operation.

Happy days.

Vicus Scurra said...

Adam. As is usual, your post was quite disturbing. At first I thought of large ugly flightless birds. Then I realised that you were alluding to the fruit. The fruit is green. I worry for you.
Dave. Which area? Is there a town in Norfolk called "Epilate" or "Gonads"? I think that we should be told.

raincoaster said...

But I'm puzzled. What do you make with the wool after it's shorn?